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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Simon Davis

Simon Davis was born in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire in 1968.

Simon Davis studied illustration and graphic design at Swindon college of Art. Following that he worked in graphic design studios between 1989 and 1994.

Simon Davis has worked as a professional artist for the last ten years illustrating for contemporary comic books in the UK and the USA. Much of this modern fully painted comic strip work has been syndicated worldwide and collected by Hamlyn in the UK, Egmont in Germany and DC Comics of the USA.

Simon Davis has also produced Storyboards for many music videos and TV advertisements including, Levi's, Barclaycard and BBC1 Extra, and illustrations for the BBC “Cult” Website.

Simon Davis has recently started exhibiting at modern British art galleries where his contemporary figurative paintings using bold, broad brush techniques are increasingly attracting collectors who appreciate his individual style and subject matter.

In 2004 Simon Davis was appointed an Associate of The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists ARBSA. In 2005 he was elected a full member of the RBSA and again won a prize in the RBSA Open Exhibition for a portrait painting of the BBC Midlands presenter Shefali Oza. Davis also achieved success at The Royal Society of Portraits Exhibition - see British Art News . In 2006 won another art prize at the RBSA. This time it is the Coley Tilley Prize for a portrait painting 'The RSC Wig Mistress'. In 2007 he was appointed to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters(RP) and in 2008 was runner-up in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery BP prize. In 2009 Simon won the Charles Pears Art Award the Royal Society of Marine Artist Annual Show

Simon Davis currently exhibits at Red Rag Modern British Art Gallery and RBSA where he won the Tanner Charitable Trust Prize in August 2004 with his contemporary painting, Sarah and Rosie. He lives in Worcestershire

In addition to Red Rag British Art Gallery Simon Davis has exhibited at other leading British Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Simon Davis artist studio and like all Red Rag British art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldwide.

Earnest Ward

Earnest Ward 

''I have been passionately committed to art and art education for over twenty years. I work in a variety of drawing, painting and printmaking media. My work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States and has been published in numerous professional publications.
I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and have received several grants -- including a Holt Foundation Grant that allowed me to work and travel in Italy and which resulted in the production of over 60 works of art. In 2009 I also took my family to Europe for just over two months for studio research and production.
I have taught studio courses from Middle School to Freshman foundation, Intermediate Drawing and Painting, and AP Studio (2D Design, 3D Design, and Drawing), and sculpture to lens arts (digital photography and digital video.) My AP students have a cumulative average of 4.25 out of a possible 5 on their portfolios.
In addition to my teaching duties, I have served on the Board of Trustees of the Leslie Powell Foundation (Lawton, Oklahoma) and as an AP Studio Arts Reader for the College Board for five years.''

About Me
Name: Earnest Ward Address: 5920 Beverly Dr. W #1205, Fort Worth, TX 76132 Degrees: BFA with High Distinction, California College of Arts & Crafts MFA, University of Texas at San Antonio Major: Visual Arts Teaching Experience: Seven years at the college and university level -- including CCAC, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio College, Cameron University, and Southwest Missouri University; thirteen years at the secondary level -- including Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, TX, The Key School in Annapolis, MD, and Fort Worth Country Day School, Fort Worth, TX. Favorite Quote: “I don’t always end up where I want to be but I generally end up where I need to be.” The Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams.

Dottie Stanley

''I am an award winning and internationally collected artist, most noted for my finding beauty in the everyday scenes that most of us take for granted. I specialize in painting figures, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. You can see examples of my fine art by visiting the Gallery on this website. To learn more about my art background, visit the Biography tab. To find out where I am currently exhibiting or where future exhibits are planned check out Events. The easy way to learn more about my art or if you have questions is to Click here to send me an email.

My passion for painting started as a young child, and was enhanced when I began studying portraits, figures and still life with Arthur Maynard at the Ridgewood Art Institute in New Jersey. Although not well known he is considered a master being a protégée of Frank Vincent DuMonde, in turn a protégée and contemporary of Winslow Homer.

Some of the notable artists with whom I have studied are: Everett Raymond Kinstler, official White House and The Smithsonian portraitist; David Leffel of Taos, New Mexico; sculptor Stephen DeStaebler of the San Francisco Art Institute; Maurice Lapp, of Chicago and Santa Rosa; Harvey Dinnerstein, Art Students League, New York City; William Scott Jennings of Sedona, AZ, Ken Auster of Laguna Beach, CA, and Mary Beth McKenzie and Wolf Kahn of New York City.

My greatest enthusiasm is working with figures, and I have had the opportunity to do so worldwide. I have developed art featuring the people who work in market places in Italy, Mexico, Kenya and Columbia – including the famed coffee man of Columbia. Native Americans are proud and fascinating people and my art features the Navajo, Apache and Plains nations. Homeless people also exhibit pride in spite of their circumstances and I have presented their character in my series about the homeless. Pride is international, and in Kenya I was thrilled to artistically capture the people, particularly the Masai. You can see these and more on the gallery pages of this website.

I use my art to help charities help women through fund-raising events. For that and because of my financial investment background as a certified financial manager which I also use to help women world-wide, I received a 2007 Living Legacy Award from the Women’s International Center. I am a Fellow of the American Artists Professional League. I am also a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York; the Allied Artists of America; Oil Painters of America; the San Diego Museum of Fine Arts Artists Guild. I am past President and Life Member of the La Jolla (California) Art Association and the founding President/Director of the Allied Artists’ Association of San Diego. I have been a member of the Art Students League of New York, the Santa Rosa (California) Art Guild, The Market Street Group (of San Diego), and the San Diego Art Institute.

My works are in collections throughout the United States, Italy and Mexico, and are award winners in international and national juried shows. They have also been exhibited in museums, including the San Diego Museum of Art and the Bonita (California) Cultural Museum and Art Center. I have my studio in La Jolla.''

Deborah Brown

I am interested in the visible world and how we view it through the lens of our culture. My subjects have included urban and pastoral landscapes, birds, flowers, undersea environments, and dogs that I have cared for as a volunteer in a shelter. I have painted ambiguous encounters between animals and humans that result from the collision of the natural world with our technological conquest.

My most recent work depicts the post-apocalyptic beauty of Bushwick, Brooklyn, where I have a studio and where I am involved as an artist and as a community activist. Parts of Bushwick resemble a lunar landscape of industrial rubble and urban decay. Abandoned houses stand alone in fields of debris; macabre elements such as clumps of shoes dangle from wires above the street; and morning glories intertwine with barbed wire on the perimeter of junk yards.

This odd landscape possesses a simultaneous allure and menace that I take as the starting point for my paintings. Based on what I see, I invent a hodge-podge of architectural amalgams in which modern structures are grafted onto older ones. The result is manic, comical, and poignant. I represent candy-colored skies, ghostly out-of-focus imagery, and dark silhouettes with inviting, painterly surfaces to depict wires, satellite dishes, and cement factories. Because I am intrigued by the social, ecological, and economic collisions in the neighborhood, I seek to provoke thought about what is taking place in our post-industrial landscape. I invite the viewer to enter an urban dystopia where familiar elements combine in unfamiliar ways create a luscious unease.

A second aspect of my work is public art, in which my paintings are fabricated for permanent installation in public spaces using materials such as mosaic. My commissions include a series of mosaic murals commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the Houston Street subway station in Manhattan, a suite of roundels for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal at the Port of Miami, and outdoor artwork for Garfield Avenue Station on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit System in Jersey City for New Jersey Transit. I am currently designing public artwork for an animal shelter and veterinary clinic in Memphis, Tennessee.

1976 M.F.A., Indiana University, Bloomington
B.A., Yale University, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Nominated for Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award

selected private and corporate collections
Raymond J. Learsy and Melva Bucksbaum, New York
Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., New York
Philip Morris Companies Inc., New York
Fullbright and Jaworski, New York
Reader's Digest Corporation, Pleasantville, New York
City of New York, Health and Hospitals Corporation
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Atlantic Richfield Corporation, Los Angeles
Amerada Hess Corporation, New York
Hebrew Home for the Aged, Riverdale, New York
United States Dept. of State, U.S. Embassy, Bogota, Colombia
Princess Cruises, Los Angeles
The McGraw-Hill Companies, New York
Tudor Investments, Greenwich, Connecticut
ExxonMobil, Houston, Texas
Fidelity Investments, Boston

Zhang Yan Yuan - 章仁缘

here and here

1949 He was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province
1981 Joined the Chinese Artists Association
1989 Graduate of China Academy of Art Oil Painting, M.Sc.
1996 Paris in France Arts City training
1997 United States , Britain, Spain , Italy, Greece , Argentina and other countries visit Arts
2006 United States ( Chicago, Washington, New York , Philadelphia, Boston , etc.) visit Art Colleges
In 1999 he was appointed Head of the Department of Fine Arts painting , School Academic Committee

Are as follows: Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Oil Painting Society , China Academy of Fine Arts professor
Vice Chairman of Zhejiang International Art Exchange Association
Art in Hangzhou Urban Construction Committee

Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Steve Harris was born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1953 and is self-taught as an artist. He moved with his wife Karen and two daughters to Australia in 1991 and now resides in Jervis Bay, New South Wales.

"Harris has become well known for his impeccably painted still life compositions, his skilful use of light, shadow and space being a hallmark of his approach. He generally tends to depict objects which have an everyday function or perhaps have even been discarded, but the work is about much more than simple representation. Harris is a master of understated realism which in turn evokes its own sense of 'atmosphere' and contemplative mood. His works have been described as 'meditations in light'; and this is very much the feeling one has when attending one of Harris's exhibitions - a type of reflective silence emanates from the paintings and imbues them with a spiritual quality that one would not, perhaps anticipate."

''I'm not sure, but I think I was born with paint splattered on my powder blue booties and my first words were, "I NEED TO PAINT NOW." I have yet to confirm this with my mother. My earliest memories are of Christmas Days unwrapping my much anticipated art supplies and quickly retreating to the drawing room

to try out my new set square, pencils and sketch pad. My compulsion and urge to create was as strong then as it is now. My dear wife, Karen, can testify to that (her love is patient).

Realism was not intentional. I did not feel the need for another direction. But I have learned to understand some things about painting in the real, such as the fact that reality and truth is tangible.

As far as technique is concerned, I treat each painting as a new adventure, not knowing exactly where the end will be. I endeavour to go beyond the rules and push the boundaries. More often than not, I show the hand at work, like splatters of paint and movement of a brush. I would get bored if I tried to present a technique that would perhaps be a little sterile. I would say it is more dynamic than dogmatic or rigid. If I were to classify my realist approach, I would say it is not super-realism, photo-realism or surreal etc. It may be something like 'real-spontaneous', but I like the term 'painting in the real'. For me, the initial idea is the essence.

I paint still life because I am always drawn back to the idea of seeing the ordinary or mundane in a new or different way. To bring back to life that which has been discarded and to give it regard or to give the 'everyday' its day.
steve harris
Self-Portrait with Chequered Background

And of course it would still be dead or mundane without quality light breathing life upon it. The light is perhaps the most important aspect of each painting and to stage the subject as theatrical is for me, a most enjoyable element to my work.

There is another quote from Proust which I feel may be relevant:
"The objects are summoned, out from the everlasting darkness in which they have been interred."

In a sense, I carry the same themes into the landscape and I very much enjoy the luminist time of day, those moments between day and night, or night and day. When the light is dancing, shimmering and racing through the hues, behind and upon a subject that has been touched in some way by humanity. But also giving us a perception of something that is much more eternal and majestic as our minds focus on ourselves and creation, and before the light that beautifies it.''

Steve Harris
Fletcher Sibthorp

Fletcher Sibthorp was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967. After completing a Foundation Course at Hertfordshire College of Art, he undertook an Honours Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at Kingston University, graduating in 1989. Fletcher has worked as a full-time artist for the past twenty years, producing work in the commercial market, as well as selling paintings to private and corperate collectors. Rank Xerox, British Telecom, Chase Manhatten Bank, Railtrack and Kirin Brewery are just a few of the companies that own his paintings as part of their collections.

Initially, Fletcher was attracted by the concept of movement and its effect on the human form. This naturally lead to his interest in sport and abstract portrayals of gymnasts and athletes, culminating in an exhibition ' In Motion ' in London in 1992. Fletcher was approached by Sadlers Wells in 1995, to produce a painting for the Flamenco dance troupe Paco Pena. The movement and the expressive quality in his work complemented the passion of Flamenco. Fletcher was immediately drawn into the energy of the dance, producing many painting on that theme.

However, Fletcher has recently become more interested in the figure alone, its subtleties and the infinite expressions. As he says, " I'm interested in taking a figure, placing it in an abstract space and from these simple elements, creating a narrative. I like to think that when people view the paintings, they will add their own emotions and from these, create their own interpretations." The faces, although simple, have a complexity to them. A contemplative gaze, a person deep in thought, hinting of a secret which the viewer is permitted to share. " These are not portraits, " Fletcher argues, " the models act as a reflection of my own and the viewer's self expression and vunerabilty". Because the paintings are so simple, the viewer cannot help but add their own experiences. The viewer is invited to identify with the subject and project their own mood onto the painting.

Sometimes the narrative is hinted at by a title or a theme; themes that artists have tackled for centuries. Fletcher says, " I like the idea of the Classical subject, because they are so universally recognisable that only a few simple elements are needed to create the theme. Their simplicity makes them contemporary, but they are influenced by the ancient. I like the juxtaposition."

Recently Fletcher's work has concentrated further on his own personal creative vision. He is passionate about the direction in which his work is heading. "Even though the work, in its content, is becoming simpler, the paintings are harder to resolve, as the underlying expression becomes harder to achieve. Even I don't know how they will develop. They take on their own life, creating their own spirituality."

Carol Bennett

“I have an open and free-wheeling approach to technique and materials: hypothesis, experiment and conclusion…I am intriguedby the innate nature of different types of materials andthe nature of things.”

Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett’s paintings and works on paper are a poetic retreat from ordinary life, and an immersion in life below the surface – or specifically, as in her subject matter, below the surface of the ocean.

She takes the viewer underwater for a meditative journey where she seeks to find a state of being in “flow” – the suspension of self and of life as usual to a place where time slows down and the unexpected floats to the surface. For Bennett, in the way, the act of swimming underwater is similar to the process of painting.

Bennett’s approach results in multi-layered surfaces that are intricate, textured and unpredictable. She is constantly experimenting with her pieces: adding, subtracting, sanding and recoating. She experiments with various media, methods and materials combining ink, paint, mica and wax on wood and other surfaces to create images that are of the moment and unique to each piece.

Like the multiple layers that evolve into completed works, Bennett is inspired by the various ever-changing, interconnected details of her life and how they come together and affect the “big picture.” By revisiting these details, her artwork constantly reinvents itself.

Carol has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions throughout US. Her work is in the permanent collection of The Contemporary Museum, and Academy of the Arts in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has completed over 100 public art and corporate commissions.

She lives and works in Koloa, on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, with her husband, Wayne and daughter Ava.

AA, College of Creative Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara
Graduated with Distinction and Honors in Fine Arts from the Art Center College of Design Art

Darryl Zudeck

1983 B.A. - The School of Visual Arts, Full Scholarship
1979 High School of Art and Design
The Art Students League
Brooklyn Museum Art School
Pels School of Art

1986 - 1995 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY


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