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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Carlos Orduña Barrera

Carlos Orduña Barrera

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Carlos Orduña was born in 1946 in Hidalgo, Mexico.
Orduna first studied Fine Arts during the early 60s at the School of Plastic Arts program under the auspices of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.
He took part in various collective art exhibitions at: The French Alliance of Mexico; Esplanade of the National Auditory and Mexican Ciba-Geygi as well as several other places.
Early in the 70′s he meet the famous Mexican muralist Jorge González Camarena, author of important murals, from whom he received valuable teachings. Orduna reinterprets the influence he received from Gonzalez Camarena and channeled it in a restless search which gradually grew into his own unique style.

During the 80′s the Mexican-American muralist Armando Campero, who is well known in the United States for his murals, shared his teachings with Orduna.

During the 90′s Orduna sold his work in collective exhibitions at the Galeria Nonita of Mexico and traveled to United States where he showed in several exhibitions and his works were placed in several galleries.

From 2000 to the current date he has displayed his works in several exhibitions
in the Jean Marc of the Angeles California Gallery, as well as in the Municipal Los Angeles Art Gallery; Autonomous University of the State of Mexico; Inter-continental Hotel of Los Angeles; Salon of the Plastic Mexican; Hotel Aeropuerto Plaza of Mexico; Gallery Pedregal Royal and Gallery Pedregal Radisson as well as the law offices Gilbert Moret in Los Angeles and several other places.

He has also collaborated jointly with the muralist Armando Campero in the design and realization of murals in San Fernando Court and Juvenile Sylmar Court in Los Angeles where he executed a mural featuring Cesar Chavez, renown leader of the farm workers.

Carlos Orduña nace en Hidalgo, México en 1946.

Sus primeros estudios de arte los realiza muy joven a principios de la década de los años sesenta en una escuela de Artes plásticas dependiente del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes de México, posteriormente realiza exposiciones colectivas y privadas en diversos lugares como La Alianza Francesa de México, Explanada del Auditorio Nacional, Ciba-Geygi Mexicana, etc.

A principio de los 70’s conoce al maestro Jorge González Camarena, autor de importantes murales, del cual recibe valiosa enseñanza así como una influencia que Orduña reinterpreta y canaliza hacia sus inquietudes creativas buscando encontrar un estilo propio que mas adelante se va manifestando paulatinamente en su obra.

En la década de los 80’s el muralista México-Americano Armando Campero comparte con Orduña sus conocimientos en la obra mural.

Por los años noventa en una exposición colectiva vende todas sus obras a la Galería Nonita de México y viaja a Estados Unidos donde realiza varias exposiciones y coloca sus obras en galerías.

Del año 2000 a la fecha actual, ha realizado varias exposiciones en la galería Jean Marc de los Angeles California, así como otras en Los Angeles municipal Art Gallery, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Inter-Continental Hotel de Los Angeles, Salón de la Plástica Mexicana, Hotel Aeropuerto Plaza de México, Galería Pedregal Royal, Galería Pedregal Radisson, Law offices Gilbert Moret en Los Angeles, etc.

Francis Rodrigues de Oliveira

Francis Rodrigues de Oliveira

"Mon dessein est de susciter la contemplation par cet éternel regard de l’homme sur la femme et sa nudité. La femme comme incarnation du principe féminin du divin : contempler l’ineffable beauté de l’être féminin et sa nudité ouvre alors sur un autre monde, au delà de la perception des choses, vers une transcendance. Installer de l'être dans cette Arcadie qui est le corps, voilà mon viatique. Le corps emporté, comblé par la félicité intérieure, celle du féminin sacré et de l’éternel féminin. "

Francis Rodrigues de Oliveira est né le 13 février 1973 à Cherbourg.
D’abord élève aux Beaux- Arts de Caen, il part ensuite pour l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris en 1996, pour suivre les enseignements en peinture et dessin de Pierre Carron (membre de L’Institut : Académie des Beaux-arts) et James Bloedé. Là, dés 1999, il développe son travail et ses réflexions autour du nu féminin. Cette forme d'expression s’apparente pour lui à une quête de l’éternel féminin et du féminin sacré. Il en est diplômé en 2001.Depuis il célèbre le nu féminin, l’être et la beauté.

Il obtient en 1997 le 1er prix de la jeune création "Gras Savoye" lors de l'exposition "Géricault, points de vue contemporains".

Laura Cutler

Laura received her BFA in ceramic sculpture from the Otis College of Art and Design in 1996. She had the distinct honor to be a member of the last graduating class under the mentorship of world-renowned ceramic sculptor Ralph Bacerra.

In 1999 Laura attended the New York Academy of Art to increase her knowledge of human anatomy in both sculpture and painting.

Laura Cutler has exhibited in both Los Angeles and New York City. In 2007 she received an Individual Artist Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.

Cathy Bohlke

No information avaiable

Marcia Baldwin

Marcia Baldwin

The Horses, Flowers, Landscape, Koi, Wildlife, Pigs, Sheeps and Goats,Cats and Dogs, Cows, Roosters, still life ... of Marcia baldwin

My name is Marcia Baldwin and I am a full time professional artist specializing in Oil Paintings. I love large formats and brilliant color. My true passion is color theory and design and how compositions can play an emotional role in the viewer. Art has always been a passion of mine. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be a strong influence in my life and that I wanted to know as much about art as I could possibly learn. I still strive to learn something new every day. It takes practice and patience to be a full time artist and I am finally able to devote one hundred percent of my professional life to my studio work. After many years working in and around art, making a living as an advertising designer, art teacher, art consultant, photographic artisan and many other niches, I finally opened my art studio to the dedication of purely fine art. I am a trained artist, receiving a BFA and a MFA in the seventies and eighties, respectively. I loved the years I put forth to formal art training. It is invigorating to be around people with that same passion to learning and exploring the creative and problem solving side of your personality. The people who share this passion greatly influence your though patterns about your art work. It is really great to see the different outcomes from the various people when working on a creative project. We are all looking at the same thing, painting or sculpting or drawing, but each individual will see it a little different and the creation of beautiful works, each individually unique. It is truly amazing. For myself, I love oil painting. I love animals and flowers and nature itself. I believe that I was given a talent by God to share His beauty about the world through the use of paint and canvas. I try to relate the love of nature and His Blessings through my art. I hope that the collectors of my work can be touched in some way to “Stop and Smell the Roses” for a moment and reflect on the joy and beauty that has been given to us each day. I live in a very beautiful state, working and living on the shores of a lake surrounded by huge tall pine trees and stately southern live oaks. Nature is bountiful. Foxes play and romp across my front lawn. Squirrels and birds hop from one feeder to the next. Wildflowers and flowering trees such as redbuds and dogwood are a blanket of beauty through undergrowth among the trees. It is truly a blessing that I have been given this time to work in my art studio and be surrounded with this serenity. I hope that the passion I have for art and the passion I have to share natures beauty is reflected in my work. I welcome all new collectors to my art offerings. And I want to thank all of you who are collecting my work at present. I truly appreciate your investment and hope to see you return for more. I work in a Realistic style, Impressionism and Abstract too, using the best oil paints and the finest canvases available. I sometime combine the styles for added impact and to create a "little bit of the unexpected". I hope the art that I showcase here is a delight and a wonderment. That is truly my goal. I love to hear from each of you. I strive for each painting to be a true exploration and discovery. Each subject or composition is composed of many problems that I love to solve. Color, depth, harmony, rhythm, pattern, and unity... all things I explore as I paint. As through teaching in the classroom, I found that you really never stop learning. You can always do better and you can always find new ways to get that "special effect" you were seeking. I hope my artwork here reveals just a little of the paradigm and that you may enjoy too.

Marcia Baldwin - Fine Artist

Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle

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Bev Doolittle is one of America's most collected artists. Her camouflage art is loved by art collectors around the world. Through sheer force of talent and dedication, has achieved a status in the art world few contemporary artists even dream of. Crowded with intricate visual detail, haunted by presences seen and unseen, her paintings captivate the viewer on many levels.

Bev Doolittle was born and raised in California. As a teenager she won a weekend scholarship to attend the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. She met her husband, Jay, at art school and they started married life with a painting trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks in Utah. For the next five years the Doolittles were art directors for an advertising agency in Los Angeles. "It paid well, but we didn't like living in the city. We wanted to be close to nature," says Bev.

Doolittle's distinctive talent began to fully blossom during a year-long journey she and Jay embarked upon in 1973. Traveling throughout the west in a camper, Bev had the luxury of time to develop her unique style. Her signature painting, "Pintos", proved to be a dramatic departure point for Bev when her evolving style and technique merged with her love of nature to create what would become virtually a new genre.

She is often called a "camouflage artist" because her distinctive use of context, design and pattern help viewers discover meanings which seem hidden only until they become obvious. "I use camouflage to slow down the storytelling in a painting. But my messages about our wilderness and native peoples are never hidden." As proof of her dedication to these issues, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Doolittle prints is donated anonymously to environmental and other causes each year.

"Earth is beautiful and exciting and I feel blessed that I have been allowed to explore so much of it," says this talented artist.


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