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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Samuel Gareginyan

Samuel Gareginyan

The Realm of Visual Poetry

Where the spirit does not work
with the hand, there is no art.

-Leonardo da Vinci

Everything that surrounds me becomes the source of the ideas for the paintings that I do.

White canvas is a veiled painting.I remove the veil, so you can face the realm of ideas, where the reality is changing into the lyric theatre,

Where all objects and personages are involved in a silent dialog of mythical existence,

Where the harmony of color and form is calling

to praise the Beauty.

Samuel Gareginyan an artist originally from Armenia, was born in 1961. He received a Master of Arts, from Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts, Armenia in 1991.

He has exhibited widely in Armenia and the United States. Gareginyan currently resides in Belmont, Massachusetts.

`White canvas is a veiled painting. I remove the veil, so you can face the realm of ideas, where the reality is changing into the lyric theatre, whereall objects and personages are involved in a silentdialog of mythical existenceâ' (Gareginyan)

Salvo Russo

Salvo Russo

Salvo Russo è nato ad Aci Castello (Catania) nel 1954. Vive e lavora a Catania, città in cui è docente di pittura all'Accademia di Belle Arti. Il suo esordio espositivo avviene nel 1974. La sua pittura è connotata da una affabulazione che rinvia a una fitta pluralità di elementi: dal gotico internazionale alla testimonianza metafisica, da un aspetto surreale a una scelta narrativa intrisa di sapienza ed erudizione.

Salvo Russo was born in Aci Castello, in Sicily, in 1954.

He teaches painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of the city of Catania. He lives and works in Catania. One of the key figures in the newly revived school of Sicilian figurative painting, he has taken part in leading expositions in Italy and abroad. Present with his work in major collections, such as that of Bulgari S.p.A., at the end of 2001 he participated in the exposition The Painting of Joys, an event organised by none other than Bulgari S.p.A. at the Tokyo International Forum, the Kyoto Takashimaya and the Isetan Tokyo Museum in Japan. He was selected to create a series of frescoes for the Cathedral of Ferla (an authentic jewel of eighteenth-century Sicilian baroque) on the subject of St. Sebastian, as well as a ceramic tiled floor on the theme of the earthly paradise. In addition, he recently did the cover for the book Science – Methodology and Society by Joseph Agassi, Luiss Publications, Rome. During 2005, the Italian Senate purchased one of his paintings for the permanent collection of Rome’s Palazzo Madama.

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