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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Vladimir Soldatkin - Владимир Солдаткин

Vladimir Soldatkin - Владимир Солдаткин

Vladimir Soldatkin - Well-known Moscow artist, whose name is familiar to many admirers of art from the 70-ies.

Romanticism and the lyrical sound of paintings, the constant search for compositional and coloristic decisions made paintings of interest to mere spectators and the real fans of painting. In this work the artist has his own unique style that is recognizable among the works of other artists.
But the main tvochestve artist - this is love and kindness to the outside world - does not change with age.

His works are in numerous corporate and private collections in Russia and abroad.

In 1991, the central television director Sergey Loginov a documentary film "Before the Storm" about the artist's work.

Member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists and the International Federation of Artists. Member of the Moscow Regional Branch of the Union of Russian Artists. Since 1988 member of the International Federation of Artists and schedules to UNESCO.

Born in 1949 near Moscow. In 1975 he graduated from art-graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Worked as an artist in advertising. Repeatedly participated in various exhibitions and international competitions. Author of posters on gaming in 1922 Moscow Olympics in 1980.


Gianni Bellini‎

Gianni Bellini‎

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''What defines music is our way of listening and observing. Together with the female body, music has always been a fountain of inspiration to me.
Her melody, her silhouette, the lines, the surroundings, the symphony, the volume, the texture of the skin, give a fascination that together with the movement and the expression, seduces and evokes contradictory feelings.
With my presentation I try to show, without any reservation, all of the beauty of the bodies and of the music, which will learn to understand through our senses our sensations and fantasy opening the eyes of our mind.
I hope therefore that with my work of assembling music-body, I can establish a dialogue of looks and sensations between the picture and the observer, provoking complicity and reflection.''


Gianni Bellini was born in Carmignano (PO), Italy in 1965. A self taught and talented painter, at just fifteen years of age, he started to partecipate in important extemporary, personal and collective art exhibitions in several cities always receiving wonderful reviews and many first place awards.

Among the most important exhibitions in which he was protagonist it is just to mention the "Exposition International" in the Palazzo degli Affari of Florence (1991-1992), the exhibition of the "Jacobs Javits Centre" of New York and those at the National Museums of Stockholm and Budapest.

In 1992 he affrescoed the main arch of the front of the San Pietro church of Seano near the city of Carmignano.
Many art critics have written about his works. To name a few: Eleonora Barbieri, Enzo Fabiani, Giovanni Faccenda, Walter Fortini, Leyla Lenzi, Alessandro Romanini and Giulia Sillato, which, in various moments of his career, brought about a solid contribution of the discovery and comprehension of the refined expressive value of Bellini.

The languid light of the enigma
by Giovanni Faccenda

"An artist is he who is able turn a solution into an enigma"

''The weak light shines down on this early Spring day, a mist of tones, dull and faded colours of the rain. I observe, spread over my table, the images of some of the recent works of Gianni Bellini, a young painter maybe for his age, but with a history on his shoulders that goes way beyond. The works are close together as if they were notes composed on an ideal pentagram.
Re-ecoing, in fact, from a past which I can't say if remote or near, in wich the underground root of a creative gesture is suspended between drawings and paintings, photograms and memories, where emotions converge to underline an unreal dimension, sometimes even imaginative, in wich sensation become things and things, not rarely, become parts of visions, you could even say, obscure and enigmatic. These things are music - which can be imagined - and mysterious female figure which is seen in a recurring and even obsessive way to make the expressive actuality of Bellini more and more obscure and evanescent, like the almost empty theatres and the tortuous railroad crossing in which it seems as if time has stood still, or even as if something had happened or is about to happen.
In such rarefied ambiguity, the colours opposed by definition, even white and black encounter a red wich wants to announce the gost of Eros, a life, fading like a spectator on the outskirts listening to a concert of airy notes, which seem to arrive from a metaphysical horizon in which it lodges, unreachable, a dream of illusory beauty, that of the young woman, alluring and virginal, whom often deserve the spotlight or simply a close-up shot.
It is in this researched representation in wich Bellini shows himself to be even more inspiring and invigorated, a painter who is able to give a subtle sensation of something which is conemporarily hidden and heven idealized.
The undoubted skilfulness which he expresses in his drawings, combined with a severe and fortunately unsatisfied pictoral conscience, make this artist inclined both in the future and the present. Mostly for his ability to understand and interpret certain obscure mechanism which govern, in uncertainty, the existence and all of our times.''

Fiesole, April 2004

Grazie Gianni (Facebook)

Olga Bakhchevan

Olga Bakhchevan

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