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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Camie Davis

Camie Davis
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Classical painter residing in New York City.
Teaches at the Grand Central Academy of Art
Founder of The Guild Atelier

Igor Zharkov - Игорь Жарков Живопись

Igor Zharkov - Игорь Жарков Живопись.

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Igor Zharkov was born in 1962 in russian town of Tver. His family moved a lot all over the USSR so the child saw various and changing landscapes infront of his eyes and he knewthen that he wanted to learn how to draw. In 1975 Igor joins the Childrens' Art School of Nizhnekamensk and studies there for 3 years.

In early 1978 the family moves to Astrahan where they unite with famous astrahan-born painter Zharkov-Volzhsky, Igor's grandfather. Certainly, being in that artistic environment brought back the desire for better professional art education.

In the mid 1978 Igor enters the Astrahan's Art specialized School, which he finished in 1982with the highest score. The young man met a lot of artists while studying there and hewanted to become a better and better artist... He knew he had to learn more and more to become the best.

In 1988 Igor enters Harkov's Art University to study art restoration. In 1994 finished it with highest score again by presenting two 19th century icons restored by him ( Eucharistic and St.Constantin and Yelena) at the final exam. While studying at the university and being around famous masters (Konstantinopolsky, Besedin and others) Igor knew that he chosethe right path in life. He knew he'd be able to bring perfect,real art to this world, because he learned all the techniques of the Masters and he wouldn't fake it.

Igor Zharkov already made a lot of paintings for people: portraits, landscapes, templepaintings, graphic works for books and magazines (illustrations and caricatures), copies ofpaintings and own paintings.

Irene Sheri

Irene Sheri

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Irene Sheri was born in the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Ukraine in 1968. Her diverse heritage probably makes her one of the brightest example of a new breed of inter-cultural artists emerging from a "Europe without borders". A mix of Bulgarian and French, she was born and raised in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, where cultures freely mixed, making Odessa one of the most colorful, bright and multinational cities in the world.
At an early age Irene knew she was going to be an artist. After several years of artistic training, she graduated valedictorian from the prestigious Saint Petersburg Avademy of Art. This renowned school, created in the eighteenth century, has influenced many masters in its years of existence, such as K. Briuollov, A. Ivanov, I. Repine, V. Sourikov and more.

Irene drew inspiration from the work of Botticelli, Chagall, Kandinsky, Picasso, and Goya. However Cezanne and Matisse made the deepest impact. Avant-garde Russian students, Falk, Konchalovsky, Mashkov, Lentulov, were followers of these French artists. Calling themselves the "Jack of Diamonds", a name proposed by Larionov (a member), suggested not only the roguish behavior of the avant-garde, but conveyed a love of popular graphic art forms...such as vintage printed playing cards.

The "Jack of Diaminds" group avoided realism, instead constructing a 3-D reality using mono-colored bright palettes. These color intensive representations of realistic images freed the imagination, allowing the development of artistic impressionism as counterpoint to the social realism of artists schooled in traditional art.

At school, Irene experimented with images and colors, allowing herself to paint landscapes with contrasts of light and shadow similar to the "Russian Expressionistic Movement" of artistic predecessors. Irene's style evolved from the influence of a renegade professor, who told his students - "After so many years at school you now are able to copy the world surrounding you. It is about time you let yourself create a world that is totally yours, that comes from within your soul".

Irene's paintings express her love of life, a toast to its wonder and beauty. Sheri's talent and style were recognized in 2001 when she was awarded Russia's highest artistic honor, the "State Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art", naming her as the "Best and Brightest" young artist in Russia.

Javad Azarmehr

Javad Azarmehr

''Javad Azarmehr is like a story book to me. In front of the easel, in his studio, he paints everyday. There is something of a story even in the painting. With their clear and pure pastels, they are tranquil and tender. The paintings are created with patience, amazing skill and precision. The color compositions are often very simple, making the paintings straight forward and within reach. My personal favorites are the ones with the houses; they have such a peculiar tranquility. I wish I could be in Javads paintings; it must be a wonderful world, calm, tranquil and thoughtful.''

Sara Forsberg



Born Shiraz, Iran 1948
Fine arts school Tehran, Iran 1965 - 1968
Studies at the University of Decorative Arts, Tehran, Iran 1968 - 1974
Private studies in Oakland and Berkley, USA 1976 - 1977
HDK, University of design and arts, Gothenburg, Sweden 1997
Mural and Trompe l’oeil decoration project, Gothenburg, Sweden 1998 - 1999

Work experience

Art teacher - Tehran, Iran
1969 - 1982
Comic book illustrator - Tehran, Iran
1982 - 1989
Oil painting course - Herrljunga, Sweden 1992
Litograph - Vårgårda Printer
Assistant art teacher Altorp high school - Herrljunga, Sweden
Graphic designer, The Exile Film Festival - Gothenburg, Sweden
Instructor for the Mural and Trompe l’oeil decoration project - Gothenburg, Sweden 1998-1999
Art teacher at Nygård high school - Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 - 2003

Thank you Javad (Facebook)

Irene Ryan Maloney

Irene Ryan Maloney

''I earned an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and was a member of the Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago for 10 years. I worked in Public Relations and Curation until the gallery closed its doors in 2007. I also exhibited my work at Gruen Gallery in River North, Arc Gallery, Artemisia Gallery and others Chicago Galleries. I have been a Professor of art at Illinois Institute of Art until recently when I transferred over the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.

My main body of work for 10 years 1990 - 2000 centered on a series called "Night Pools" in which I depicted figures in water with the only illumination coming from beneath the water. These images were award winners in many venues and are featured in the book, Art Scene Chicago 2000, by Ivy Sundell. They come under the heading of Distorted Figuration and are represented on this website.

From that series I moved into non-toxic printmaking reproducing some of my night pool images in etching. Then moving on to my current work which centers on self-images that are repeated and manipulated in such a way as to suggest entirely new designs that are more than the sum of their parts. I use digital images that are later developed into intaglio type prints. As both the content and process itself indicate, these prints are at once serious artistic explorations and playful peeks at the subject matter of art itself. In the process, I make use of the accidental and incidental to achieve effect.

At this time I am working with a series called "IWO JIMA - from my father's eyes to my hands". The work is done in Intaglio Type and is based on my father's pictures that he took at the invasion of Iwo Jima. I found the photographs after his death.

My prints are a mixture of traditional medium and a very contemporary means to achieve results. While intaglio- etching and engraving - have a long history, I realize my images with modern devices. I shoot my images with a digital camera, and coat my zinc and plastic plates with DuPont Ultra ImagOn to receive the images. The plates are then etched, inked and printed in the traditional way''

Irene Ryan Maloney

Born Los Angeles, California

University of Illinois at Chicago

MFA Painting/Drawing
Marymount College, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

BA Art

Awards and Honors:

2004 Award Artistic Merit, "Women's Works", Woodstock, IL

2002 Award of Excellence, "Recent Works", College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

2001 Second Place "Women's Works", Woodstock, IL

2000 "Art Scene Chicago2000", Crow Woods Publishing

1999 Visiting Artist at Studios on Florence, Evanston, IL

1999 Second Place, "Women's Works", Woodstock, IL

1998 Honorarium/Show, Unitarian Church, Evanston, IL

1998 First Place, "Personal Investments", Gallery 10, Rockford, IL

1998 Third Place, "Women's Works", Woodstock, IL

1997 Judge, Park Newberry Art Festival

1997 "Who's Who in American Women"

1996 Membership, Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago

1996 Purchase Award, "Women's Works", Woodstock, IL

1996 Artistic Merit Award, "Women's Works", Woodstock

1995 Honorarium, St. Xavier University, Chicago

1994 Award of Excellence, "Recent Works" College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

1992 Award of Excellence, "Recent Works", College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

1991 Award of Merit "Recent Works", College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

1991 Best of Show "All Illinois Graduate Exhibition" Northwestern, Evanston, IL

1991 First Place Award, "Rhythm in Blue", Contemporary ArtCenter, Arlington Hts., IL

1991 First Place Award, "Dancing Colors", Contemporary ArtCenter, Arlington Hts., IL

1990 Award of Excellence, "Recent Works", College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

1989 Teaching Assistantship, Figure Drawing, University of Illinois at Chicago

1988 "Citation of Excellence", Faculty UIC

1987 Juror Scholastic Art Awards, Lake County, IL

1964-68 Tuition Scholarship Marymount College

1963 First Place Art Award, Los Angeles County

1962 Gold Key Award, National Scholastics, Los Angeles


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