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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andi Mascareñas

Andi Mascareñas graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in 1984 with an illustration degree but soon left illustration to pursue three-dimensional work. Whether ballet or other forms of dance, figurative movement is what has inspired Andi’s work over the years. In the beginning of her career, Andi explored other sculpture mediums such as stone but found the flexibility of clay adaptive to her ability to sculpt on location and create the impressionistic style in her work. She uses warm earth clays, which can be fired at high temperatures and then applies a metal application on the surface of her sculptures. She deliberately and directly applies chemicals over the surface, which creates her beautiful patinas.

Coming from a Latin background, Andi Mascareñas has surrounded herself with a culture that has taken her around the world exploring and immersing her in the tapestries of other countries. Joshua Cain, her son, has been an inspiration to her throughout her art career. Always inspiring her with stories of humor she has woven into her artwork. She sculpts on location wherever she can because “it connects me directly with my subject and where I can experience the richness of the culture of everyday life,” says Andi. She travels with her husband, Master oil painter, Kim English enjoying both sculpturing in clay when possible but also oil painting. Being a diverse artist, Andi’s oil paintings show the enjoyment she has in painting boats, landscapes, and harbors. However, painting the figure is always central in her work. “Painting on location is exhilarating for me. It gives me the ability to feel the energy of another culture in a different manner than sculpture. But I have found that painting gives energy to my sculpture and sculpting gives energy to my paintings, how I experience my world with form and color,” says Andi.”

Andi’s sculptures have been recognized by national art publications such as Southwest Art magazine and Sculpture Pursuit magazine. For the past 11 years, Andi has been invited to participate in the prestigious Sculpture in the Park Show in the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland Colorado one of the largest sculpture shows in the US. She has also been involved in numerous Gallery and group shows. Her artwork is collected throughout America and abroad.

“Capturing the essence is what challenges me creatively; the unspoken word, the space between thoughts, body language, a blink, a quick glance, a mind that reaches itself…a place more inside than outside. Whether I am sculpting or painting it is a silent performance, rhythm and flow. Moving back and forth between both forms of art I find completion and a balance in my life.”

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