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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ilo Oxa

Ilo Oxa

1980 Graduated from the Art School " Jordan Misja " in Tirana.
1987 He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. Albania

Artist's Statetement

My painting is my faith and my diary of life. Life is a moment and paint to me used to maximize and stop it long possible. Translate life into art is beyond my belief because the beauty is constantly changing. I try a direct comunication with the images created by their belongings that have lived and become people ready to tell their story in a language unknown to all but understood. The absence of the human figure ies essential to create more space for the spectator can fit comfortably traveling in his memory. Thus, after so manz frames l choose the photo that accompanies me to the end of the work always giving me the information that the painting beyond. Iam osessionato from light. The light now is the mustery of all time. To get there l try to paint the air. In my pantings is the air that produces light by the shadows that are present as the sun plaus with nature. And to achieve this are many steps with the oil paint is truly magical. Slow and timeless my painting is a beginning conversation continues to grow and understand, that come alive and then completed posiede own soul.

I love to go home as the sun goes down tonight. The house is a place to be inspired, where you can have the unique experience of being in touch with themselves. Oservo saturated color on small objects, wrapped in the mysterious light and i find in them a kind of elegance and refinement that may not have had actually post. Ilove to feel seduced by small objekts that lend themselves humbly to serviyio of life. In every family, even in our absence, life inshena raconte surreal compositions of yesterday and today. Fascinating and scary at the same time acces reveals his story is just that paryialmente, leaving the viewer a sense of well being and the task of dreaming.

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