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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

John Robert Peck

''My focus is portraiture.

I believe that both drawing and painting are fundamentally about a search for visual truth in nature- in the objects of still life, the landscapes around us and the faces and figures of models.

For me, the real work lies in an effort to establish and maintain an honest inner dialogue... essentially, to "turn off" my rational argument for "how something should look" and simply, honestly, plainly observe and record in pencil or paint what I do see.

For me, the portrait remains the single most important subject of painting- and I am a student for life in that search to see and record such beauty.

As a close friend once shared:

"If you seek the miraculous, look to the ordinary.
But look very carefully." ''

John Robert Peck

B.S. Physics, University of San Francisco
Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico
Diploma, Florence Academy of Art

John Peck nasce a New York, studia fisica all’ Università di San Francisco (B.S.) e poi architettura presso l’ Università in New Mexico. Comincia formalmente i suoi studi di pittura ritrattistica con Bob Gerbracht a San Francisco, poi con Jim Smyth a Palo Alto, e infine completa i suoi studi alla Florence Academy of Art. Le sue opere sono esposte e collezionate in Europa e negli Stati Uniti. Ha inoltre partecipato a numerose mostre tra cui si ricorda quella al Triton Museum of Art (Santa Clara, CA), Andreeva Gallery (Santa Fe), Ann Long Fine Arts (Richmond), Solomon Gallery (Dublin) e W.H. Patterson Ltd. (London). Per descrivere la sua arte cita un caro e vecchio amico che così si espresse: “ If you seek the miraculous, look to the ordinary. But look very carefully.”


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