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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kareena Zerefos

Kareena Zerefos

Born August 1983
Lives in Sydney, Australia

Kareena Zerefos’ work evokes a delicate balance between isolation and companionship, as well as yearning and delight in long lost moments of escape to the whimsical world of make believe.

With a background in design, graduating from College of Fine Arts in 2005, Kareena works using a variety of media, including pencil, gouache, tea and ink, and often combines traditional drawing with contemporary digital graphic techniques.

Unique and refreshing in its simplicity, her work often captures young children in moments of endearing expression as they discover their imaginary worlds. Mysterious giants and fragile creatures populate these shadowy worlds; like the curious owl, who simply says ‘hello’, or the deer alone in the silent woods.

Kareena has exhibited in solo shows in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as in numerous group shows across Australia. She also works on commercial illustration projects for the music, fashion and advertising industries.


Anonymous said...

Um olá nesta manhã fria de Janeiro,aqui junto da "lareira" quente e luminosa

Artodyssey said...

Hoje vai desaparecer a mensagem mas creio que a lareira fica . A página fica mais ''pesada'' para abrir mas acolhedora. É assim que gosto de receber os amigos :) .
Bom dia e Bom Ano , João.



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