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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Shi Yuling

Shi Yuling

SHI Yuling is an associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts attached to Qinghua University. She gained admission to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1978. After graduation in 1982, she worked as art editor for the Shaanxi Juvenile and Children's Publishing House. She again attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1986, for advanced studies, and after getting her master's degree in 1989, began teaching at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (the current Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts).

Shi Yuling's early works are mainly prints, some of which have won prizes at various national youth art exhibitions, and have been included in The Print Yearbook. She is listed in the Art Dictionary and The Print Art Book as a prints master. Shi began oil painting in 1990, and her portraits and images of the physical form, all imbued with a strong local flavor, as well as tranquil landscapes, are the motif of her works. Shi Yuling's paintings have been exhibited both within and outside China, and many are held in private collections. An exhibition of her oil paintings was staged by the Mo Lan Painting Association in 1997, and in 1999, at the invitation of the Art Foundation affiliated to the Crowne Plaza, an exhibition of Zhang Hong's and Shi Yuling's oil paintings was staged at the Crowne Plaza Art Gallery. The same year, she won the prize for Works of Excellence at the National Contemporary Youth Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition. In 2001, Shi Yuling visited Tunisia, and went to France for research and study, and her oil paintings "Little Doctor" and "Old Reflection" were also exhibited at the Chinese Modern Art Exhibition held in Kuwait. Another of her oil paintings, "Old Photo" was exhibited at the Crowne Plaza 50th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition.


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