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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Tom Pinch a.k.a. "The Time-Lapse Painter"


"By carefully studying the work of artists I admire along the way, I charted my own course in artistic training. My deep affection for loosely-rendered representational art and my sheer determination to produce it at the highest level have prevailed as an ideal formula for success. Finding my niche in painting figures such as dancers, musicians and the female form, although equally comfortable at landscapes still life, wildlife and other subject matter, I continue to challenge myself both compositionally and technically to create consistent paintings that are fresh and fluid."

"My style involves balancing elements of realism and impressionism into sensitive and often romantic works of art that satisfy my collectors and admirers. I paint all of my paintings in a single painting session and capture the entirety of each creation in high-definition video. Afterwards, I render the raw un-edited footage down to a 3 minute time-lapse video of the entire process and make them available to collectors and admirers by posting them on my website, YouTube and other social networks. They're like little movies and people really seem to enjoy watching each of my paintings unfold brushstroke by brushstroke."

"In my paintings, I typically render the main area of focus slightly on the tighter side and surround this area with loose and bold strokes serving to guide the viewers’ eye back to the intended focal area time and again. As an alla-prima painter (an Italian term meaning 'all at once'), my color choices and brushstrokes are often unexpected and refreshing."


Tom Pinch, also known as "The Time-Lapse Painter" due to the captivating time-lapse painting videos he makes of all his paintings, is a professional gallery and commission artist. Largely self-taught, Pinch has sought out and studied with his mentor Richard Schmid as well as with Morgan Weistling and several others. As a representational artist, he has achieved a uniquely versatile style which he describes as "Painterly Realism." Working in oils, he approaches each individual work of art from a fresh perspective. The painting of the renowned violinist Joshua Bell shown below is a prime example of his recognizable style.

His paintings have been exhibited in collections throughout the United States, including the United States Golf Association Museum in New Jersey. It is there where Pinch's 40"x30" portraits of both Tiger Woods and the late PGA Tour player Payne Stewart hang as two of only 35 carefully selected portraits in their exclusive permanent museum collection.

His impressive client list includes many corporate commissions as well as private commissions. His client list continues to grow along with the desire for his artwork. Now, by creating fine art gallery works which he began doing in late 2006, he is able to reach a broader spectrum of collectors as well as to reach his full creative potential.


Oil Painters of America

The Portrait Institute

The Portrait Society of America - the largest portrait art organization in the world where Pinch served a two-year term as their California State Ambassador from 2004 to 2006.

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