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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Diane White

Diane White began her painting career in Colorado, studying at the Denver Art Students League and at the Loveland Art Academy. She now makes Santa Fe her home.

Her paintings are created using many traditional still life techniques. However, her work features a unique aspect that she calls, “magical realism”, referring to a literary genre favored by writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others.

As with its parallel in literature, her work illustrates extraordinary events within the context of a very natural setting.

At first glance her paintings may seem to be just beautiful studies of elements such as lacquer boxes, porcelain cups and elegant vases on rich wood surfaces. A closer look however reveals subtle indications of a world beyond our normal senses which interjects itself into the everyday world of objects.

These paintings are so original in their conception that to reveal much more would spoil the sense of discovery for the viewer. As a hint of the experience a viewer has when seeing one of Diane’s works for the first time, she asks enigmatically, “If the viewer looks away and then back, will the painting be the same?”

Her paintings are a classical expression of traditional still life objectives-juggling hard and soft edges, color and value relationships with an expressive, painterly approach to the surface. Upon closer examination, her intuitive feminine view of the subject becomes clear. This ephemeral approach challenges the viewer to abandon realism on an unconscious level and journey with the artist as she weds rational and emotional perceptions.

Having been a potter for many years, prior to oil painting, Diane enjoys adding ceramic elements to her still life paintings.

“I paint for myself and for the people who connect with my paintings. I believe paintings are, in a large part, about the viewer.”

She acknowledges that “the viewer, in seeing a painting, brings their own perception and for a moment they join the painter’s world. For Diane the "beauty happens when a connection is made.”

© Diane White

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