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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Flavia Pitis

"The center of my artwork is the memory. I think it’s fascinating the way it filters its own souvenirs, changing them constantly and moving them easily back and forward in time. I’m also concentrate on humanism, on universal feelings, trying to avoid political involvement and contemporary social issues.

I stop to particular moments from memory filled up in time with an ideal beauty,athmosphere, mistery. My work reveals my own perception of those moments based on my visual jurnal. I‘m exploring how our mind is completing the past, adding convenient elements from our life experience or desires. I’m interested in catching that magic beauty beyond space and time that is born in our imagination in a realistic approach.

I work with those memories because I conceive the existence like a succesion of such moments chosed by our selective memory to last."

Flavia Pitis


© Flavia Pitis

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