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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Svetlana Kurmaz


Svetlana Kurmaz was born and raised in Krasnodar, a town at the south of Russia, near the Black See. She, having graduated from Faculty of Art of the Krasnodar State University , was inviting there as a teacher and lecturer . After 7 years of this experience , having met with Alexander Sokht , she stopped her career at the University and opened a new door in her life : to be just an artist.

However, Svetlana Kurmaz is engaged professionally in exhibition activity since 1988. At the beginning there was mainly in her native region . In 1992, with group of young artists , she made a few exhibitions in Moscow :“37 Pictures”, “Russian Collection. End of 20th Century” in the M’Ars Gallery and “48 Pictures” in the Central House of Artists , Moscow; after what Svetlana , together with Alexander Sokht , moved at Moscow.

During one of this exhibition, having met with Italian artist Elide Cabassi , in Svetlana’s life opening “an Italian Period” . She is learning Italian and participated in the following exhibitions: “INCONTRO” ( with Elide Cabassi )1993, Central House of Artists, Moscow; One- Man Show in Galleria L’immagine, 1993, Florence,Italy; “LUDI” (with Alexander Sokht) 1994, International Youth center Giorgio la Pirra , Florence,Italy; she becomes a Laureate of contest exhibition “LIBERA L’IDEA”, Galleria L’immagine, 1993, Florence,Italy.

“Moscow’s Station” continued 10 years. It was quite intensive and creative period , when Svetlana , having had approx. every year solo exhibitions in Moscow : “RED TREES”,1995, M’Ars Gallery; “AD HOMINEM”( with Alexander Sokht )Russian State Art Library ,1996; “ TWO GOOD ONES”( with Alexander Sokht )Central House of Artists, 1997; “SECRET IS A RED FOWER”, “Vostochnaja Gallery”, 1998;

“ISLAND OF APPLES”( with Alexander Sokht ) “A-3 Gallery”, 1999; One-Man Show in the Central House of Artists, 2003,

was participated in the International Art Fairs : “ART MANEGE”1996-2003 and “ ART MOSCOW” in 1999, 2004;also in the collective and grope exhibitions with M’Ars Gallery and “Vostochnaja Gallery”; in two very significant grope exhibitions in Moscow :“AREA OF HAPPINESS” , Central House of Artists, and “20 PARALLELS” Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum & Sweden Embassy.

and in the AUCTIONS :“ Peter Batkin & Philips , de Pury & Luxembourg” Auction of Contemporary Russian Art“, 2002-2003; Auction of Russian Art with support of CHRISTIE’s, 2004-2005.

Actually, it was a time ” between Moscow and Europe“, because , at the same time Svetlana was presented also in Europe: “ Moscow’s Artists in Emmanuel College”,1994, Cambridge UK; “ BILDERS EINES BRIEFE” ,1995, solo exhibition,under Patronage of Nicolaus & Caroline Von Grundherr, Munchen, Germany; “Galerie Russe du Centre”,1996,Geneve, Switzerland; “Russian Collection in Palais des Nations”,1997,Geneve, Switzerland; One- Man Show in Russian Cultural Center in Luxembourg”; and as a part of the program “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE””2000, unforgettable artistic experience together with Alexander Sokht , under patronage of Mme Helen Michi in the “La Belle Auriole”, France; collective exhibition in the “Galerie Schortgen”,2001, Luxembourg; ONE-MAN SHOW in “Graf Von Westphallen Bappert & Modest, 2001, under patronage of Alexander Von Aretin, Berlin ;

ONE-MAN SHOW in International Kunstatelierhause Mengerzeile, 2002, under patronage of Katherine Von Aretin & Lukardis Von Studnitz, Berlin ; ONE-MAN SHOW in ” Hay Hill Gallery“, 2002, London, UK.

At the same 2000 year was his first International Art Fair abroad “ EUROART 2000” in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2003 , Svetlana Kurmaz together with Alexander Sokht , having leaved Moscow, were moved at Prague. There they open their ones

“XP gallery” in 2004.

There is a gallery- studio in the center of old Prague. Fore times in a year they made there a new exposition , such as :

“ Turkish Blue” 2007, “Red Nude” 2007, “Cornelia” 2008, “L’Oiseau”2008, “Vanilla Ice- Cream” 2009.

Besides, Svetlana had ”ONE-MAN SHOW “ in the ”b-Art Galerie“,2009,Vevey,Switzerland;

and was presented at the many International Art Fairs by ”XP gallery” and ”Le Siants Galerie“ :

”ART IRELAND“2007, Dublin, Ireland; ”ART EDINBURGH“2007, UK; ”EUROPART“2008, Geneve, Switzerland; AAF Paris,2008, France; AAF New York 2008, USA; LINEART 2008, Gent, Belgium; ”GLASGOW ‘09“, UK; ”NewcasteleGateshead’09”, UK; “Edinburgh’09“, UK; LINEART 2009, Gent, Belgium.

The Art Works of Svetlana Kurmaz are presented in the following collections:

Kovalenko Art Museum, Krasnodar, Russia; Exhibition Hall of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia; Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; Contemporary Art Museum of ”M’Ars Gallery“, Moscow, Russia; Collection of ”Art Chronic Cultural Life Moscow’s magazine;

“Vostochnaja Gallery”, Moscow, Russia; Publishing House“ Krasny Matros“, St. Petersburg; ”Hay Hill Gallery“, London, UK; International Youth Centre Pirra, Florence, Italy; DTO Company, Munich, Germany; Graf Von Westphalen Bopper & Modest Company, Berlin, Germany;

General Motors Company Collection, Moscow, Russia ; ”Price Waterhouse Coopers“Company Collection, Moscow, Russia; St. Barnabas Church, London, UK; and also in many private collections all over the world.

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© Svetlana Kurmaz

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