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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Thomas Edetun


University of Linköping KSM/Riksutställningar Sweden
"exhibition-understanding-knowledge" 20P
Royal university college of fine arts Stockholm Sweden 1988 -1993
Hovedskous fine art school Gothenburg Sweden 1986 -1988
Lunnevad art school Vikingstad Sweden 1984 -1986

Grants (a selection):

Liljesonska art foundation 1986 -94, Stadsbudskårens christmas gift 1988,
Wilhelm Smiths grant, 1989 -90 -91- 92, Anders Sandrews grant 1990,
Linköpings county art grant 1990, Hähnels art foundation 1992,
Hirschs art foundation 1993, Sandbergs art foundation 1993,
Östgöta art society grant 1995, Sweden art council 2-year working grant
1995 -97 2007-2008, Strawberry art grant Tift Linköping 2002,
Gallery Hovs hallar art grant 2002,
Evy Låås och Anders Fogelins art grant (the Swedish royal art academy) 2003

© Thomas Edetun

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