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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Vic Vicini

I attended Wayne State University and received a BFA in printmaking and painting. I was influenced by artist such as Richard Estes and Andrew Wyeth. Early in my career I focused on etching and engravings and exhibited throughout the Midwest.

Early in the 1990's I had the opportunity to meet the well known egg tempera painter Robert Vickrey at an opening. His detailed renderings in egg tempera played a huge influenced on me. I experimented for a number of years in egg tempera and really enjoyed the science of the art.

For the past decade or so, I rediscovered oil and have not looked backed. My subject matter focuses on objects of nostalgia. My parents both came from San Marino, Italy and you can imagine food was a big part of my upbringing. I enjoyed the culture of my heritage but my ambition as a youth was to discover America and all its charm. Memories of a typical American breakfast or dinner as a kid, going to little diners with my Dad and helping my little Italian Grandmother in the kitchen are things that are in my thoughts when I paint my still life's. Whether its vintage cars, old toasters or retro food packaging art, these are thoughts and images that play a strong influence in my art. It seems that if it is retro more than likely I will put it on canvas.


© Vic Vicini

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