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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Yan Yaya .


YAN YaYa was born in 1964 to the ethnic Man group in Shaanxi, China.In 1985 Yan graduated from Gansu Northwest National Institute'sfaculty of fine art, and was appointed artistic designer for Gansu Museum upon graduation. Since graduating from further courses in art with the Mural Department and Assistant Lecturer's Advance Studiesclass of China's Central Art Institute, he has been an art lecturer with the Capital University of Educator Training since.

1985 Oil painting "To the Fair"
"Best Young Artist" Award
Gansu Province Oil Painting Exhibition
1987 Oil painting "High Noon"
"Northwestern Ethnic Minority Groups Outstanding Art"

1988 Oil painting "Water"
Silver Award
Northwestern Yellow Earth Art Exhibition
1989 Etching piece "Hope"
Merit Award
Northwestern Etching Art Exhibition
1991 Painting "In the Forest"
"Flying High" Award
Theme Picture Competition of Television Series "Tri-

1993 Outstanding Award
Chinese Folk Art Exhibition
1994 "Friendship" Award
Sino - Japanese Silk Road Art Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan
1995 Outstanding Award
National Art Exhibition of Ethnic Minority Groups
1997 Outstanding Art Award
National Exhibition of Young Artists
Organized by Chinese Artists Association
1998 Cultural Exchange Award
Chinese Islamic Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition,

Tehran, Iran
2003 "Most Outstanding Female of the Year" Award
Organized and selected by Central Chinese Television

1985 Bachelor of Fine ArtsCollege of Fine Arts
Gansu Northwest National University
1997 Postgraduate Diploma
Faculty of Oil Painting
Central Academy of Fine Arts

Professional Affiliation
Member of Chinese Artists Association
Professional Experiences
Lecturer of Gansu Northwest National University
Lecturer of School of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University
Private Collections

Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan, Turkey,

Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States


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