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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

CENE gál ISTVÁN - István Cene gál

István Cene gál  - CENE gál ISTVÁN

"My name is Cene gál István. I am a Hungarian artist. I was born in Salgotarjan, Hungary in 1969.
I currently live very happily in Cered with my wife and two sons.

I studied art history taught by Professor Dr. Lajos Vegvary at the Miskolc Association of Art.
DOTE. EU - college degree and graduated with a MBE from Debrecen University.

I am a member of the Brownflower Creative Group and the Balassy Balint Table Society.

I have had more than 30 individual exhibitions including:

Salgotarjan, JAMK Community House (1993) :: Miskolc, Ronai Sandor Community House (1993)
Budapest, Angelica Gallery (1994) :: Den-Haag Holland, Planpraktijk (1995)
Tatabanya, Community House (1996) :: Szentendre, Provincia Hotel Gallery (1998)
Debrecen, Contemporary Gallery (1999) :: Budapest, Vizonto Pince Club (1999)
Salgotarján, JAMK (2001) :: Gyor, Horvath Gallery (2001)
Mosonmagyarovar, Hungarian Gallery (2001) :: Budapest FSZEK (2001)
Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen (2002)

When painting, my primary goal is to achieve reality and the impression of an enigmatic feeling.
An idea and it's image in a picture might be far from reality, but the signs of my style are not.
I do believe that the aim of my art is to depict abstract thoughts in a form of realism and to search for harmony; which is fundamental to life and the main embodiment of beauty in my pictures.

I have been painting a series of pictures, cycles from the very beginning. This is the reason: an impression takes it's final, nearly complete form throughout many versions.

How enigmatic our past behind us is, and how mysterious the future is. In the quasi-reality of the present, a painter can have only one goal... to make individuality be victorious over everyday life..."

Cene gál István

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Cene gál István 1969-ben született Salgótarjánban. Művészettörténetet hallgatott Dr. Végváry Lajos professzor irányítása alatt a Miskolci Bölcsész Egyesületben.
Tagja a Balassi Bálint Asztaltársaságnak.
Diplomáját a DOTE. EÜ. Főiskoláján szerezte.
Több, mint harminc egyéni kiallítása volt, többek között:
Salgótarján - JAMK - 1993
Miskolc - Rónai Sándor Műv. Ház - 1993
Budapest - Angelica Galéria - 1994
Den-Haag, Hollandia - Planpraktijk - 1995
Tatabánya - Közművelődés Háza - 1996
Szentendre - Provincia Hotel Galéria - 1998
Debrecen - Kortárs Galéria - 1999
Budapest - Vízöntő Pinceklub - 1999

© Cene gál István

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