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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

H. Craig Hanna

H. Craig Hanna was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He studied Fine Art in New York achieving a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1990 and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in 1997. His professional training was completed by a year spent at the New York Academy of Figurative Art. His work is in the collections of actress Drew Barrymore, Marc Jacobs, cult film-maker Paul Morrisey, the Groucho Club and numerous private collections in both the USA and the United Kingdom. H. Craig Hanna lives and works in London.

H. Craig Hanna’s paintings are hauntingly beautiful. The majority of his work is comprised of diptychs which he paints on to canvas, timber or copper. One panel of the diptych is abstract, either gestural or with unassociated images placed randomly on the plane. The other panel is a figure or face that is executed with an Egon Schiele-esque boldness of line and startling explicitness. He paints recognisable human beings as opposed to standard images of physically perfect or stereotypically imperfect 'types'. They are not, however, portraits, and most have their identities effaced, faces obstructed, but their presence is the strongest and most captivating element in the painting.

Hanna plays off apparently unrelated elements against this depiction of the human figure. By splitting the picture surface into two in an almost cinematic way (one thinks of 'split screen'), he combines figuration and abstraction, representation and association. These paintings work the tension between different orders of sign, using juxtaposition to create formal harmonies and visual metaphors.


BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK


Né en 1967 à Cleveland aux USA, H. Craig Hanna est un peintre New-Yorkais de formation – Fine Arts Syracuse University, Fine Arts School of Visual Arts , New-York Academy of Figurative Art.
Il expose son travail dès l’âge de 29 ans et très rapidement, ses oeuvres rencontrent un vif succès.
En 1998, un étage entier lui est réservé chez Bergdorf Goodman, puis il expose à Londres, à Hong-Kong, à Malte où il vécut une période de sa vie.
Il vit ensuite à Londres et expose actuellement à Paris où Laurence Esnol Gallery montre ses oeuvres en pernamence et en exclusivité mondiale.


1998 New York ademy of Figurative Art, New York
1997 Assistant to David Salle, Bridge Hampton, New York
1997 Assistant to Ross Bleckner Bridge, Hampton, New York
1996 Master of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York
1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, New York

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