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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Liane Abrieu

Born in Quebec, Liane Abrieu started her career as a painter at the beginning of the eighties. Her work is shown in the most prestigious galleries of Montreal, New York, Florida and Philadelphia. A number of her paintings are also in famous private collections.

Each painting of Liane Abrieu is like a big open book, it transports us to a dreamland from which we wished never to leave. Frozen in their movement and dreamy surroundings, the characters seem timeless. Some will think of Magritte, but in fat, these inhabited landscapes, sensitive to the poetry of the universe, reflect the lands of her country, and its very particular light.

In her large canvases, the artist gives a lot of importance to details, indicative of her preoccupation with depth. For Liane Abrieu, behind the form, behind the mix of realism and fantasy, the artistic intention is to go beyond the surface of things to reflect an interior universe. Her paintings, faithful to the traditional appearances, become a space of metamorphosis, of disorientation and fantasies.

« I would like for my paintings to be perceived as a poetry for the eyes, one which would bring serenity, harmony, beauty to the daily life of people. Then I will be able to say that my work had a reason for being. »

Liane has succeeded. Master of her art, her undeniable talent places her at the rank of international artists.

© Liane Abrieu

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