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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Zifen Qian

Artist Statement

As a visual statement, my painting enhances both western and eastern art traditions with modern spirit. One of main issues in my painting is about cultural diversity. As a China born artist I am proud of having the privilege and the responsibility to create artworks with multi cultural concepts in addition to the Modern Romanticism approach. In this global cultural society it becomes more and more important issue not only in artistic expression but also in all free communications. The other issue in my painting is about art standard. The painting techniques are languages that should be expressing artist's philosophy, sprit and feelings. I always believe that an artist must need the techniques of image making and the ability of using such techniques to present philosophical concept. It would be wrong to say that artist only need philosophical thinking without technical training. My painting has shown a clear point that art is not only a philosophical symbol but also an unique statement of creativity and aesthetics though professional skills.

I have greatly admired both western and Chinese old and modern masters who have done remarkable works with exceptional techniques and profound philosophical concepts. Those who have influenced my creative work are not only the techniques of their depictions and presentations, but more importantly the passion of creativity and its originality. From Botticelli's graceful, rounded style and the projection of a sense of spirituality in his works of later 15th century, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael's depth and powerful depiction icons in the High Renaissance, to Kandinsky, Mondrian, De Kooning and Pollock's abstract expressions in the 20th century; From Wu Dao Zhi's paintings in Tang dynasty, Guo Xi's paintings in Song dynasty to Wen Zhen Ming, Shen Zho's paintings in Ming dynasty, Ba Da San Ren's paintings in Qing dynasty … I have been truly inspired. In retrospect, my art experiences have shown the convergence of multiple approaches with those masters' influences in conjunction to my independent vision of the modern world. .

Zifen Qian’s paintings have been graced in Shanghai Fine Arts Academic Shows and Across East China National Oil Painting Exhibition. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Portland, New York, Chicago, Paris, London and other cities of the world. Museums, governments, universities, corporations and private collectors have acquired his paintings. His works have also been published in books, magazines and other publications, being widely sold around the world. His profile has been listed in American edition "Who's Who in the World" for 10 years since 2000.

His book is available online and in most majoy book stores of the United States, Europe and Asia.

© Zifen Qian

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