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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Adrian Waggoner

About the artist: 'I am in love with paint. I believe that pigments are created to become a part of a whole. Through mixing and layering, individual pigments combine and form relationships to create an image, and can fulfill the measure of their own creation.'

Adrian Waggoner was born in 1980 in California. He spent the early part of his youth moving around the country with his military family, until finally settling in Boise, Idaho in 1991, which he calls home. Adrian has always had a strong desire to create art and at the age of 14 decided it would be his career. His first year of college took him to Ecuador, where he studied visual arts in La Universidad de Cuenca. Adrian spent the next few years volunteering service in Ecuador, teaching art and Spanish at a private school in Utah, traveling Europe, painting portrait and mural commissions, and finally, moving to Connecticut to begin his education again at the Lyme Academy College of Fine arts, where he graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

Adrian is pursuing his art career full time. He has had many shows in the Northeast, including in Boston and in New York. He was the recipient of the John Stobart Fellowship Grant in 2009 and has won other awards as well.



2005-2009 BFA in Painting: Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
1999-2000 Study Abroad: La Universidad de Cuenca: Artes Visuales Cuenca, Ecuador S.A.


2009 First Place Jurors Pick: 20th Annual Juried Student Show, Copley Society of Art, Boston MA
John Stobart Fellowship

© Adrian Waggoner

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