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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Virgilius Moldovan

Virgilius Moldovan was born in 1955 in Stalin City (now Brasov) in Romania. He studied at the Art Academy in Cluj, Romania, with Prof. Andras Koos 1975-1979. Since 1986 he lives in Vienna.


2006 "M.E.L. Contemporary” Vienna, Austria
2004 "M.E.L. Art Gallery" Vienna, Austria
2004 “Aktion Museum” Mistelbach, Austria
2002 „Ach, wie schön“ WUK Vienna, Austria
2001 Galerie "Art&Design Vienna, Austria
2000 Galerie Haslinger, Vienna, Austria
1999 Galerie Kunst-Link, Vienna, Austria
Galerie Haslinger, Vienna, Austria
1998 Artefakt, Palais Ferstel, Vienna, Austria
1997 Arterie,Vienna, Austria
1996 Altmann Gallery, Tulln, Austria
1985 Gallery, Baia Mare, Romania


2008 “Austria Contemporary “Museum Essl Klosterneuburg, Austria
2007 Wasserturm Vienna, Austria
2006 Palais Wittgenstein Vienna, Austria
2005 “Das Subversive” Gallery MEL. Art Company Vienna, Austria
2004 “W.I.R”. Gallery Chodovska Tvrz Praha , Czech Republic
2003 Art Museum Brasov Romania
2003 Art Museum Cluj-Napoca Romania
2002 City Museum Czech Krumlov, Czech Republic
2001 Wasserturm, Vienna, Austria
2000 Sensation Figuration,Schieberkammer, Vienna, Austria
Neurotic Art,WUK, Vienna, Austria
1999 Go West,WUK, Vienna, Austria
1998 Go West,WUK, Vienna, Austria

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