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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Hernán Valdovinos

Realismo Mágico - Magic Realism

Hernán Valdovinos was born November 17, 1948, in Santiago, Chile. At an early age, he studied art with his mother, Maruja Prats, who is herself an original and respected artist and graduated from the University of Chile's Fine Arts Institute. At the age of nine, Valdovinos went on to study painting and sculpture with Kurt Herdan and Tótila Albert and showed his individual work for the first time through their gallery.

The father's profession (journalist) moved the entire family to New York, where Valdovinos became more familiarized with the vanguards through an important period of study at the renowned Art Students League. Back in Chile, he was awarded a Fine Arts degree by the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Chile.

At the age of 23, Valdovinos traveled to Spain. For the next seven years, he exhibited his work in Madrid both individually and collectively. In 1981, he was awarded a special grant by the Italian Government to study Form Analysis at the Florence University of Arts. Throughout all this time, Valdovinos explored cubism, abstract art and portraits. As a seeker of spiritual growth and aided by the practice of meditation techniques, Valdovinos strives toward harmony and beauty and establishing a connection between mythological and creative imagination through the representation of archetypal beings and fantastic characters such as gods, angels, unicorns, fairies, elves, genies and other extraordinary beings. His work, which involves great technical perfection and pure drawing, is centered on the technique called 'oleo a la velatura', a method used by great Masters of the Renaissance, which Valdovinos discovered in Florence.

Valdovinos also teaches painting and drawing in his private academy in Santiago.

Magic or Fantastic Realism, reveals us and proposes us a meeting with the invisible potentials of the individual. "In this meeting", the rational and conceptual are reduced to a mere fact, that is to say: "The Universe that can be measured" and limited to a detemined time and space.

Magic Realism on the other hand, places itself in an existential context, that is an expression and a manifestation in an infinite multi-Universe, where the enigma transforms itself in a Paradigm, in this way creating a stage whose actors are the Psychological archetypes, that reign in the psyche of all human beings, here it is not possible to measure the unmeasurable, or to lock up the infinite in a temporal dimension.

Fantastic Realism is also a method of work, in the hands of creativity, whose ultimate end, is the knowing of one self, or the revelation of our eternal and sacred nature.

The instruments of work used by Magic Realism are: intuition, fantasy,the limited use of imagination, and of course, all that is playful, the cosmic game of the gods that initiate us in the domains of a magic trance,which finally connects us with ourselves and our marvelous capacity to fly.

Hernán Valdovinos


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