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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Renée Treml

Artist Renée Treml’s inspiration came from time spent volunteering at a local wildlife centre hospital and observing birds in their natural setting. Moving from the USA to Brisbane, Queensland in 2007, Renée has become captivated by Australia’s wildlife and the native birds that visit the area where she now lives. Renée adds depth and texture to her paintings through the use of different techniques and materials, creating an exceptional collection of dynamic and striking original and limited edition artworks.

“I seek to capture the subtle details in my paintings – like the delicate weave of a bird’s nest or the curious look of a fledgling bird – things that might otherwise go unnoticed. My paintings feature birds and animals that are in my local environment and through my paintings I hope to make people more aware of the environment around them.”

Renée primarily works with three media: scratchboard, acrylic mixed media and watercolour. For the scratchboard illustrations, black ink is painted on smooth clayboard, then scratched away to reveal the white background. For the mixed media paintings Renée creates collaged backgrounds using pages from retired books and handmade papers. She paints directly on top of the collage allowing some of the background to show through. Renée also paints with watercolours on textured clayboard and watercolor canvas. “I enjoy the varied and often unexpected effects when the paints move on the uneven surfaces.”

Renée’s work is sold worldwide and has been featured in several art exhibitions both in Australia and the USA.


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