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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Claire Elan

Born in North Yorkshire, England
Currently lives & works in Los Angeles, California

Education -
MA (Fine Arts) Edinburgh University, Scotland
Artist Statement -
My purpose is to capture a fleeting moment – the moment of being illuminated by an idea, the second of surrender, or a pause – poignant moments in the journey of life where the authentic self is most clearly revealed. I try to demonstrate the solidity of the seemingly untouchable whilst, in contrast, painting the literal physicality as it really is – temporary, disappearing, impermanent, using a hyper-realistic painting style to emphasize the depth of field, the way our eyes unwittingly observe everyday, focusing on just one point as all else falls away.

'Illumination in Flux' Show Statement -
With imagination, belief, creative will, a person's light can be a concrete connecting thread that is indestructible and enduring. Whether we feel
inspiration directly from the universe or through a writer, painter or prophet, it is all the same light and binds us to each other as one whole.
Just as a star in the galaxy still shines its billion year old light on us here on earth after it has long gone, past lives' energies endure & continue
to eternally inspire us. The marks we make, the lives we help and the energy we put into this life will affect generations ahead as we wander through the
light & shadows of the lives that went before us - this is how we are eternal.

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