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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

David Wells

David Wells was born 1977 into an artistic family.
He is an eclectic artist having worked professionally as an actor,

graphic artist, dancer, web designer, circus and street performer,

musician, children's entertainer and visual artist.

His visual artwork can be found all over the world in the form of

prints, posters, postcards, CD covers, and of course drawings and

paintings, which are held in private collections in all Australian

states, as well as New Zealand, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

As a performer he has worked venues such as the Brisbane and Auckland

Entertainment Centres, the Port Fairy and Woodford Folk festivals,

Dreamworld, Movieworld and Underwater World, along the way performing

with groups as diverse as The Ashton's Circus, English National Ballet,

The Silly Billies, Grin and Tonic Shakespearean Troupe and everything in



Jumprabbit said...

Cool :) I just googled myself and found this, looks good.
David Wells.

david.i.wells said...

Very Cool.
I just googled myself and found this. I was born the same year, but this is not me. I have sketched and drawn my whole life, and transitioned into doing the work on the computer. I draw and do 3D models. I was a thesbian in H.S., but never acted professionally.

currently do blueprints.

David I. Wells

artodyssey said...

Jumprabbit, my pleasure, I don't know why I've never answer you ...
Wish you all the luck !

artodyssey said...

Hello David, if you have a FB account you can share your work on my page if you like :)

Thanks for comment


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