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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jo Pryor

Jo Pryor the artist lives and works in great torrington, north devon. she loves colour, pattern and soft curvy shapes: her bold buxom women can be found resting on a bed of cushions or sitting beneath trees in a wood.
she has also exhibited her art at the appledore arts festival, the plough arts centre, torrington, charlesworth nicholl & co, crediton, at broomhill art hotel – as part of north devon arts, the royal bath & west show, the burton art gallery as a member of the westward ho arts society and at gallerytop in derbyshire amongst others

"When I was ten or eleven years old I rejected my paint box with its tiny squares of brilliant colour in favour of some stubby graphite pencils that I found in the bottom of a button box. I began to draw soft curvy women with no faces but large expressive hands and huge billowy dresses which I filled with lots of different little patterns. I decorated their shoes and hats and sat them under trees beneath a canopy of patterned leaves or on patchwork rugs. The women I drew danced and gathered together and slept peacefully on embroidered cushions. My pictures told stories but kept secrets.

Even as a young child I loved collecting little swatches of fabric and I was constantly excited by the beautiful gifts my father brought home from his business trips abroad. Costumed dolls, little silk boxes, embroidered hats and jewelled purses inspired me to experiment with patterns, textures and shapes. In my world coolie hats and flowing kimonos were combined with ruffles, bows and boots and by mixing up the bits of everything I liked it gave my women a slightly mythical quality and my paintings remain an unsubtle mixture of style and costume that belongs to no one place or time.

Over the years a million zillion pictures such as these were drawn on odd scraps of paper which were stored, unseen, in boxes under my bed. Somewhere between then and now I discovered a love of colour and swapped my pencils for brushes, I brought some proper paper and five years ago began to paint. I am still excited and inspired by beautiful things and I collect and store a multitude of images in my mind but I also take inspiration from the women I know, my friends and my daughters - little bits of all of them are woven into my paintings."

Jo Pryor

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