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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Alla Bartoshchuk

Originally from Ukraine, I came to the United States to pursue education and career in art. Since my nascent years, painting became my primary means of self expression and communication. Defying barriers, this fluid and organic language helps explore my ideas on multiple levels that cannot be articulated verbally.

My current body of work examines a definition of female sexuality and its power, depicting an individual engaged in acts of self indulgence. Displayed to an audience, these private acts take on erotic characteristics, which empower the woman. They are capable of arousing uncomfortable subconscious reactions from the viewer.

The act of gazing upon the naked flesh of a woman involved in such ritualistic and obsessive behavior, becomes sexual and possessive in itself. This assumed visual dialog ultimately evokes sentiments associated with guilty pleasure.

The thematic implications of the paintings are reinforced with hyper realist rendering. In this idealized construct, a tendency toward abstraction is attained, presenting the narrative of the painting in a more enigmatic light.


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