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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Li Zijian

Li Zijian


b. 1954, Hunan, China

Li ZiJian is one humble artist who needs no introduction. After four successful world tour exhibitions. Li is probably one of the most recognised artists in today's fast diminishing world of realism art. Born on August 11 1954, in a lesser known town of Shaoyang, in the Hunan Province of China, he graduated from The Department of Oil Paintings of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China in 1982. He then moved to Los Angeles, California, United States in 1988 , and is residing there now with his beautiful wife, Danhui and two wonderful children.

For the past 10 years, he has successfully travelled around the globe on his World Tour Exhibitions, spanning across six continents, covering some 35 different countries, working hard to promote art based on the theme HUMANITY & LOVE. Through this unique concept, he has created an unprecedented journey in the mystical and bordeless world of art. He has also spread these important messages across different races,beliefs, heritages and cultures.

As he has struggled through life during very difficult times in China in his younger days, his deep and strong understanding of hardship and poverty has inspired him to remain true to himself. Being generous in nature, he has made countless contributions to the poor and the less fortunate society. His passion for art and humanity has won him very positive response from fellow artists and art critics. It has also drawn strong encouragement and great admiration from his collectors and visitors alike and also, high praises for his vision and courage, from dignitaries all over the world.

In spite of this great accomplishments, Li promises to remain true to himself and share his achievements with the global community at large. With that in mind, Li will continue striving to achieve social excellence through his art activities.


Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1982

Li Xiaogang

Li Xiaogang


Li Xiaogang,After graduated from art department of PLA Art Academy, Li continued his study in Japan and Italy. In 2002, he painted a fresco for a modern Buddhism hall in Osaka, which is now the largest tempera mural painting in the world.

Li Xiaogang’s tempera oil painting “Atelier” is said to have won a special award at the 39th Nitten, the most popular of all the great art organizations in Japan, according to news from This is the third time for Li to won a Japanese award in recent two years.

Li’s Atelier is appraised as to have “excellent descriptive force and technique.” The delicate composition of two nude women in the center of the painting created a unique fanciful world.



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