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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Ute Hadam


Ute Hadam paints on canvas of different sizes. She mixes hetself pigments with acrylic mediums of différetes consistency in order to enhance the structure. Colors and shades are melted with subtle silkpapercollages to obtain transparency and relief.


The universe of the artist is the endless wealth of nature. The dynamic play of shapes and lights of plant, mineral or human world becomes a pretext for an original artistic interpretation.
In her compositions, you find always a research of beauty of nature.

The compositions combines construction and free expression.
The topic paint is represented between a real and abstract way, it becomes sensation.
The alternation between light and dark, the balance between splash of colour and transparency characterize his personal style.

Technique Les toiles d’Ute Hadam sont de formats variés. Elle peint avec des liants acryliques de différentes consistance afin de rehausser la structure en matière. La palette de couleurs et le fondu des teintes s’obtient en combinant de multiples pigments au médium.

Inspiration L’univers de l’artiste sont des infinies richesses plastiques et chromatiques de la nature. Les jeux dynamiques de formes et de lumières du monde végétal, minéral ou humain deviennent prétexte à une interprétation originale qui fait hommage à la beauté de la nature.

Style Les compositions intègrent construction et expression libre.
Le sujet évolue entre figuration, abstraction et recomposition, il devient sensation. C’est la fusion de l’élément et de son environnement. L’alternance entre clair et obscur, l’équilibre entre éclat de couleur et transparence caractérisent son style personnel reconnaissable au premier coup d’oeil.

Erik Suidman

''These pages are dedicated to the work of Dutch painter Erik Suidman. Mankind is his subject matter, but instead of capturing the beauty of the human form the emphasis lies on rendering emotions. His models are often prey to despair, either screaming in agony or resigned to passivity. Sorrow lurks in the background, where tacky wallpaper or dismal tiles abound. Desperate housewives, weeping orphans, bloodstained butchers and splattered urinals thrive in a carnival of vivid brushwork. A large portion of these paintings may still be available for purchase. For information on prices and sizes one can mail the artist at any time.''

Kate Pfeiffer

Kate Pfeiffer graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008. Kate’s work has been shown nationally and internationally and has been featured in several publications, including Empty Magazine and The Semi-Permanent Book. Her work has received national recognition, including a Bronze Award from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles in 2011.

Kate was born in Wisconsin and currently lives and makes art in Chicago, IL. When she’s not painting, Kate enjoys coaching, volleyball, biking, and eating tomatoes. Kate also likes striped clothing, has an affinity for dry humor, and falls asleep almost instantly on planes.

If you wish to comission a piece or purchase a piece on this website, please contact Kate

Rhode Island School of Design, 2008. BFA in Illustration with an English Concentration, with honors.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2012. MA in Art Therapy.

Bronze Award,Gallery Category. Society of Illustrators Los Angeles. 2011.
Certificate of Merit, Student Category. Society of Illustrators Los Angeles. 2009.
Artist's Grant. Vermont Studio Center,Johnson VA. 2009.
One-month residency. Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VA. 2009.
Eliza Gardiner Memorial Scholarship. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI. 2005.
National Gold Key, Drawing. Scholastic Art Awards, 2004.
American Visions Nominee, Drawing. Scholastic Art Awards, 2004.
WI State Gold Key, Drawing. Scholastic Art Awards, 2004.
2 WI State Gold Keys, Painting. Scholastic Art Awards, 2004.
Rhode Island School of Design Scholarship, 2004-2008.
National Merit Award, Visual Art. ARTS.
2 WI State Gold Keys, Painting. Scholastic Art Awards, 2002.
WI State Gold Key, Painting. Scholastic Art Awards, 2001.
American Visions Nominee, Painting. Scholastic Art Awards. 2001.

Kalvis Zalitis

Kalvis Zalitis

Year of birth: 1976. Education: J. Rozentals Riga Secondary School of Arts; Art Academy of Latvia, department of scenography. Major solo exhibitions: sinc 1995 - exhibitions in galeries Kinogalerija, Bastejs, Riga (Latvia), Exhibitions centre Vitebsk (Belarusia), Museum of contemporary art Minsk (Belarusia) etc. Member of Artists' Union of Latvia.

"Created environmental objects, installations, paintings forces spectator to see a different world of psicho mysticism, where the absurd interlaces with the ironic kitsch and memories of other forms and shapes of existence. The world, which is as real as the one we live in".


Angelo Alessandrini

Angelo Alessandrini

Angelo Alessandrini a sicilian artist, graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Catania with top marks, in 2006; two years later he acquired the skills to teach by getting a postgraduate in the same city. He was very young when in 1997 he won the regional prize “City of Niscemi” (CL) Italy. In 2001 he participated to the “ Biennal of the Italian Navy of Venice”, and in the same year he organized a personal exhibition showing his painting in the town of Augusta (SR) Italy, where nowadays, he lives and works. In 2002 he attended the “school of Arts of the Medal”, to the I.P.Z.S. in Rome. In 2004, under teaching of the artist Omar Galliani (pictures), he participated to the prestigious course of Contemporary Sacred Art to the Stauròs Istitute and Museum in S. Gabriele dell’ Addolorata (Teramo) Italy; he also participated in the same year , to a collective exhibition at the Stauròs Museum. In 2005 he won a Mention of Honor to the Italian national prize “Remo Gardeschi”, and june of the same years he was published on the “ Mondadori Art newspaper”. Since 2005 he has been participating to a series of collective exhibitions, starting from Palermo and moving to other cities.

Angelo Alessandrini, artista siciliano laureato col massimo dei voti all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania, già giovanissimo vince nel 1997 il premio regionale "Città di Niscemi" (CL). Nel 2001 partecipa alla "Biennale di Venezia della Marina Militare Italiana. Sempre nello stesso anno tiene una personale ad Augusta dove vive e lavora. Nel 2002 frequenta la Scuola dell'Arte della Medaglia presso l'I.P.Z.S a Roma.Nel 2004 partecipa al prestigioso corso di Arte Sacra Contemporanea presso l'Istituto e Museo Stauròs a San Gabriele dell'addolorata (TE) sotto la guida del maestro Omar Galliani . Nello stesso anno partecipa ad una collettiva al museo Stauròs. Nel 2005 vince una menzione d'onore al premio "Remo Gardeschi" e viene pubblicato sul mensile mondadori di giugno dello stesso anno. Dal 2005 sta partecipando ad una serie di collettive itineranti che hanno visto come prima tappa la città di Palermo.


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