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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sergei Chernenko

Sergei Chernenko works are compelling reflections of misticism that enter a realm of vibrant abstraction,intricate depiction,and incandescence.
His canvases are filled with extraordinary figures and fantastic landscapes , illuminating a rich inner vision they characterise the unknown mysteries of existence and memorable vivid new worlds
His meticulous brushwork and brilliant use of light show an intimacy with Goya , Breugal,and Rembrandt, while the imaginative panorama of subject matter suggest the strong influence
of the more mystic surrealists , Bosch , Dali , and De Chirico.

Eastern spiritualism and Western academic realism form the back bone for Sergei`s philosophical framework producing an alliance of spirit and substance.In the invisible borders of unfamiliar worlds , Sergei delves into the correlations of fear and joy, solitude and collision,eternal peace and perpetual movement.

Beholding Sergei`s works , one enters into a voyage encompassing a mental and visceral adventure.The depth of tone and complicated composition produced in oils and pen and ink,fascinate and engage the spectator, surprising and awakening them to their own subterranean meditations.

Sergei was recognised as an emerging talent in his native Ukraine where he studied at the Crimean School of the Arts and Design , participating in his first exhibition at the age of twenty-four entitled ,"Young Artists of Ukraine".

Sergio Zanni

Sergio Zanni

Dopo il diploma all’Istituto d’arte ferrarese “Dosso Dossi”, frequenta l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.
Scultore che ama e predilige l’uso della terracotta, per passare poi a sperimentare materiali più leggeri dove i suoi personaggi, un po’ surreali, possono raggiungere dimensioni ciclopiche. Ripensando al suo percorso artistico scrive: “Il mio “mestiere” mi permette viaggi continui alla scoperta di “terre sconosciute”. Queste “terre” si sono materializzate in una miriade di personaggi: eremiti, signori della pioggia, assassini, monumenti ai caduti, diavoli, custodi delle pianure, zingare, osservatori, camminatori. Palombari, attendisti, figure senza davanti, piloti, cacciatori di nuvole, oblomov, fumatori, pittori di guerra, angeli misteriosi,canti delle sirene eccetera, fino agli ultimi lavori, equilibristi, Ulisse e altri viandanti. Verso la fine del XX secolo mi sono posto il problema di realizzare lavori di grandi dimensioni: l’amata terracotta è purtroppo pesante e fragile. In un certo senso sono stato obbligato a sperimentare materiali più pratici e molto meno nobili della terra. Ha quindi avuto inizio in quest’ultima fase l’esperienza con il polistirolo ricoperto con criptonite e iron ball (materiali molto recenti da scenografia), vetroresina, tondino di ferro e assemblaggi sempre con oggetti di ferro. Da questi materiali sono nati i miei lavori più grandi: i kamikaze, il carro dei vincitori, la foto di gruppo con i sei piloti bianchi, il grande viandante”.

Sergey Ignatenko

Sergey Ignatenko was born 1975, in Gomel, the Republic of Belarus. At the young age of eleven Ignatenko was accepted into art school. During his training he participated in numerous local and national exhibitions and competitions. Graduating from the school in 1990, Ignatenko was accepted into the Gomel Art College’s painting department, from which he graduated in 1995. In 1996 he began studies at the Belarusian State Art Academy in Minsk, where he had the privilege of studying painting with great masters of Belarus and the USSR like Dancig, Marochkin, Savickiy, and more. Graduating in 2002, he returned to his native Gomel to teach at Gomel Art College. Sergey Ignatenko is a member of the Belarusian Artist Guild and operates his own studio, working on both commissioned and noncommissioned projects. The artworks are in collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway.

Sergey Frolakov

Sergey Frolakov's creativity develops in three directions: painting, the schedule and an applied art.

Works of this artist are rather characteristic and recognized, in the style direction they most likely concern to mystical surrealism, and despite of a seeming similarity with pictures of medieval artists, are absolutely independent, exclusive products belonging only the given author.
Sergey Frolakov's pictures are authentic images of objects and the characters who have arisen from depth of subconsciousness, whence - that of mysterious space.

On cloths of the artist the fantastic carnival in the scenery passing from one epoch in another and breaking for far horizons is played. In the creativity the author conducts some subject directions, here three from them: " Fantasmatical Petersburg ", " the Philosophical garden " and "Quazitheatre", to the last concerns also a varnish miniature.

The artist constantly works above thematic collections which creates in current 2х - 3х years, then arranges thematic personal exhibitions with corresponding registration. Among the thematic collections created by S.Frolakov such, as "Quazitheatre", "Esoteric spaces ", "Eggshelling prefasting".


Sergei Adeev Mikhailovich

Сергей Михайлович Адеев


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