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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Miguel Macaya

Né à Santander en 1964

1982 : Etudes de dessin, peinture et sculpture à Santander, avec des voyages de formation dans divers pays européens

1984 : “ Escola Massana ” de Barcelone

here and here

© Miguel Macaya

Pablo Maeso

"Pablo Maeso (1964) started as an abstract painter in the end of the 80s' in some galleries of "El born", in Barcelona. In 1999, he took part of the exhibition "Realism in Catalunya". We can recognise his works because of his detailed realism. In his paintings, he tries to show us little stories. His pure and straight colours make us think about the pop art of the 70s' and his frames remind us the cinema. The human being is the center of his point of view, and the characters of his paintings represent his an alter ego."

"Cels nítids, situacions impossibles, imaginació inacabable i un estil molt personal.
Podria ser una ràpida definició de la pintura d’en Pablo Maeso.

Representant destacat de la nova generació dels realismes a Catalunya un moviment que incorpora la originalitat dels temes a una tècnica extremadament depurada."

also here, and here

© Pablo Maeso

Manolo Sierra

Nacido en Cádiz en 1973 Manolo Sierra pinta desde que tenía seis años. Estudió Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Sevilla y Carrara (Italia). Ha viajado por Europa y América perfeccionando su técnica. Ha vivido en Italia y Holanda y ha recorrido gran parte de América Latina, desde la Patagonia Argentina hasta México.

Ha expuesto en diversas galerías, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional (Bélgica, Guatemala, Finlandia, Emiratos Árabes) y ha sido seleccionado en los premios nacionales más prestigiosos de arte contemporáneo.

Afincado en Barcelona desde hace 13 años, actualmente vive en Albons, un pequeño pueblo del Baix Empordà.


• 2010 seleccionado en el II Premio Atlante de Grabado. Fundación Museo de las artes del grabado.(A Coruña).

• 2010 seleccionado en el Premi de Pintura Fundació Vila Casas. Espai Volart (Barcelona)

• 2008 Premiado en el 29 Salón de Otoño de Plasencia (Cáceres)
• 2007 seleccionado en el 28 Salón de Otoño de Plasencia (Cáceres)
• 2007 seleccionado en el IV Premio de Pintura Contemporánea de la Fundació Vilacasas, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)

• 2006 Premiado en el 48 Concurs de Pintura Jove organizado por Banc Sabadell y Sala Parés (Barcelona)
• 2006 seleccionado en el XXI Premio BMW de Pintura (Madrid)
• 2006 seleccionado para el catálogo del I Premio de Pintura figurativa de la Fundación de las Artes y los artistas (Madrid)
• 2005 seleccionado en el 47 Concurs de Pintura Jove organizado por Banc Sabadell y la Sala Parés (Barcelona)
• 2005 seleccionado en el III Premio de Pintura Contemporánea de la Fundació Vilacasas, Torroella de Montgrí (Girona)
• 1999 Premiado en el Certamen de Pintura Joven de Chiclana (Cádiz)
• 1998 Seleccionado en el XXII Certamen de Escultura de Caja Madrid (Madrid)

© Manolo Sierra


Under the name Elbow Toe, Brooklyn based artist Brian Adam Douglas has been pasting his distinctive woodcuts, stencil work, large-scale charcoal drawings and collages onto the walls of cities all around the world throughout the past decade. His diverse practice is anchored by an interest in the human gesture as a powerful form of communication, one charged with unspoken narratives and he continually transforms public space into a stage for these private moments.

Douglas’ work has always drawn from myth, symbolism and poetry, something that has become particularly important in his most recent body of collage work. Just as he builds a finished image through the meticulous layering of tiny individual bits of coloured paper, so the meaning of the image is woven through layers of references to historicallyand culturally established narratives. This kind of intertextuality has become the foundation for the development of his distinctive style. The result is a sophisticated visual language where personal metaphors begin to communicate universal truths. Given these intricate and delicately arranged collages have a fluidity rarely seen in collage work, they may at first glance be mistaken for paintings. Whilst the artist draws on a rich tradition of figurative painting and has qualities reminiscent of Freud and Bacon, his affluent style and medium are very much his own. Douglas consistently pushes the boundaries of contemporary image-making.

Douglas is currently producing a body of collage work for Black Rat Projects. These works will be exhibited at the Warrington Museum for his first UK retrospective which will move to Black Rat Project’s gallery space in London in March2011 with additions newly completed. That the forerunners of urban art publishing, DRAGO, are releasing a book about Douglas’ practice that spans his entire career, pays testament to this pivotal moment in the artist’s career. Douglas has recently taken up US representation with Andrew Eldin Gallery in New York City as well as his UK representation with BRP.

VIDEO - Elbow-Toe - Street Art and Studio Work here

Renny Tait

RENNY TAIT 1965 Born, Scotland

1983-88 Edinburgh College of Art
1988-90 Royal College of Art, London
1990-91 The Rome Scholarship in Painting, British School at Rome

1986 Yale Summer School of Art, Connecticut 1987 Catriona White Prize, Figure Drawing 1988 Richard Ford Award, Prado 1987-88 Andrew Grant Major Award 1988-89 Edith and Isaac Wolfson Trust Award 1988-90 Scottish International Education Trust Award 1990 David Murray Landscape Award The Elizabeth Greenshields Award 1997 Royal Overseas League


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