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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Brent Schreiber

Brent Schreiber is an Artist located in Elmira, Ontario. His personal work focuses on large scale figurative paintings. Combining traditional painting, design and narrative themes, Brent's work strives to connect the emotional to the physical. His work is held in both Private and Public Collections in the United States and Canada.
Brent previously spent 14 years in the advertising field as a Designer, Illustrator, Art Director and Creative Director for both private design firms and national retail corporations.

Artist Statement
My work focuses on capturing emotion and empathy on the canvas. I want the viewer to feel like they are present with the subject and relate to what is being expressed even though they may not share the same experience. I seek a balance between the perfect detail without losing the human element.
Artistically I am influenced by the works of classic painters such as John Singer Sargent, Robert Henri, and Norman Rockwell. Shawn Barber, Erin Cone, Burton Silverman, Heather Horton and David Kassan are Contemporary Artists that I look to for inspiration today.

Nina Garcia

Nacida en Madrid, en 1971

Formada en la Escuela Taller de Bellas Artes de Olías del Rey, Toledo (España)
Diplomada en Cursos de: Pintura Alla Prima, El Desnudo, Paisaje Urbano, Figura Humana Vestida, Retrato, Dibujo del Natural, Los colores de la piel, Preparación de soportes y Procedimientos Pictóricos.
Alumna de Enrique Donoso y Pablo Santibáñez.
Profesora Ayudante de la Escuela de Arte de Olías del Rey, Toledo (España)
Segundo Premio en el Concurso de Pintura Rápida de Chozas de Canales, Toledo, en 2008
Primer Premio Becas para Pintores “FELICIANO SUÁREZ” 2009
Seleccionada IV Convocatoria Concurso Internacional de Artes Plásticas MUJERES Y ARTE 2010
Seleccionada I Certamen de Pintura “Laura Otero”
Seleccionada XXXIV Certamen de Pintura “Fiesta del Olivo”
Seleccionada Certámen Nacional de Pintura Teresa Rivero 2010
Seleccionada IV Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Acisclo Antonio Palomino” 2010

Enrique Donoso

Enrique Donoso, nació en Madrid, España, en 1963.

1979 Beca de la Real Academia de BB.AA. , de San Fernando. Madrid.
Entre 1980-1982 cursa estudios de BB.AA., en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Desde 2002 es profesor de la Escuela Municipal de BB.AA. De Olas del Rey (Toledo). España.

Jerome Garth Parker

A Central California native, Jerome comes from a family of artists and musicians. A quiet and introspective figure, Jerome is active in galleries in this beautiful region of his home state. Figurative compositions, closely observed from life, comprise many of this artist's rich work in oils and charcoal. Though clearly inspired by the masters, Jerome's intriguing subjects nevertheless capture a certain contemporary view of life "in the moment".

Nicola Pucci

Nato a Palermo nel 1966, Nicola Pucci vanta una tecnica sapiente consolidata nel tempo, che ha già attirato l’attenzione di commercianti d’arte di fama mondiale, incluso l’americano Larry Gagosian, e di intenditori come Carlo Bilotti, rinomato collezionista d’arte. Nel 2008 il Comune di Roma organizza una personale a Pucci presso il Museo Carlo Bilotti, aprendo per la prima volta questo spazio pubblico ad un artista italiano contemporaneo.

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