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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Mihai Criste

Mihai Criste was born on the 8th of October 1975 in the Deva Hunedoara county in Romania. Even before his graduation from the Visual Arts Academy, "Ioan Andreescu Graphic Arts Section" , Cluj-Napoca, Romania in 2001 he has had a number of solo and group exhibitions. Since 2001 Mihai has participated in various group exhibitions in Romania, the USA and England. He furthermore collaborated with a number of Printing Houses to illustrate books, such as the children's book "The Wizard of Oz" and covers, such as for the book "About Clowns" by Norman Manea. Mihai's paintings strongly remind the onlooker of Magritte. The oustanding precision with which Mihai paints his surealistic works is absolutely fascinating and immediately catches the recipients attention. Through his work he inspires thought and communicates symbols, dreams and tales that lie behind our world. Mihai Criste claims: "The beautiful in art is nothing else but the essence, the creation

Kieran Ingram

Birth Place: Perth, Australia
Year of Birth: 1989

Kieran Ingram is a classically trained professional artist. The time Kieran spent in Florence studying the methods and work of the Old Masters has provided him with a keen eye and appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of the world around him. Kieran chooses to work from life as he believes that this is the only way truly capture the essence of his subjects.

Kieran is currently working on a series of charcoal nudes. His work explores the human form through intense observation from life. The highly rendered charcoal drawings feel at once realistic and dreamlike.

2007-09 Angel Art Academy, Florence, Italy (specialising in technical aspects of drawing and painting, based on the curricula of 19th century academies)
2006 Secondary School education completed, Perth Australia

2008 Public Art commission Bus Shelter Mural for the Shire of Mundaring

Awards / Grants:
2008 Mundaring Art Scholarship
2008 Finalist in the Alice Bale Travelling Scholarship
2008 Finalist in the Alice Bale Drawing Prize
2007 Mundaring Art Scholarship
2007 GGS Art Scholarship

Ojan Shirozhan

Born in 1977 , Karaj , Iran

Bachelor: Painting
(Academy of Music , Theater ,Visual Arts)
Republic of Moldova

Master :Painting
(Academy of Music , Theater , Visual Arts)
Republic of Moldova

"Selected artist" in "Watercolor"
The youth Festival , Iran , 1990


Brad Wilde

Brad Wilde is a contemporary figurative painter who is developing a reputation for his unique paintings. He has studied with many notable instructors including an apprenticeship with Odd Nerdrum in Norway.

Inspired by a love of nature his work explores the intuitive, creating paintings with depth and feeling.



Angelica Noriega

Angelica Noriega was born in Mexico City, in 1976.

1994: Degree in Visual Arts, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (Mexico). // 1995-1996: Courses of drawing and oil painting with the spanish figurative painter Santiago Carbonell. // 2004: Course "Sumptuary arts in the Middle Age". Università per Stranieri, Perugia (Italy).

Selected Commissions/collections:
Since 2004, she has worked in many commissioned projects, specifically portraits of people. Her work has been acquired by collectors from Mexico, the United States, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Artist's Statement:
Influenced by renaissance, baroque, neoclasicism and romanticism, as well as contemporary "poetic realism", Angelica Noriega's work shows her persistent fascination by human figure.

also here

Dorina Costras

I worked as a designer and as teacher of fine arts. Now I collaborate with decorating companies as indoor designer and I paint.
I paint from imagination and the favorite theme whereat revert again and again is costumes and masks of carnival and also a fantastic universe with the atmosphere of the story away from our days. I alternate between them depending on my mood and inspiration of the moment.
Prémios Featured Artists & Works of Note - critics, vol. 19 pdf: ... It is like going back in time to Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, where thought, body language, and a blink of the eye could beguile and entrap...

Premiul Margaret Harris Fine Art Awards for excellence in Fine Art Sojie 3 and the 1st Place Traditional SOLO pentru lucrarea "Elegie" din seria "Soapte" - mai 2010.



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