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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Miriam Lenk


Geb.1975 in Konstanz

1994-1997 Ausbildung als Goldschmiedin an der Fachschule für Glas und Schmuck Neugablonz

1999-2001 Studium der Literatur-und Medienwissenschaften an der Universität Konstanz

2001- 2007 Studium an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

2004 Auslands-Semester an der Universität Barcelona,
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

2007-2009 Meisterschülerstudium bei Prof.Kerbach

Marie Fox

"Painting is my passion - still life and large figurative oils on canvas. For 15 years I created folk art, born of my memories of childhood in New England. For the past few years I've made small daily still-life art of fruits and vegetables, and objects both exotic and ordinary. Recently I've taken on the challenge of painting large - first still-life and now figurative paintings. The large size is thrilling, and appropriate for this 6'1" tall artist.

In August 2009 my large figurative oil painting "Sounds of the Sea" won Grand Prize at TAG Gallery's California Open Exhibition in Santa Monica, CA.

I’ve painted for many years and have created artwork for The White House, Panasonic, Toyota, Bigelow Tea, the Mayor of Boston and many private clients. My paintings have been featured twice on the Today Show as well as on the covers of Country Living and US Air magazines. I've been represented by galleries in New York, Boston, Nantucket, Charleston, San Francisco and Los Angeles."

Marie Fox



Mozart Guerra

Nascido em Recife , Brasil, em 1962. Estudou arquitetura na Universidade Federal de Pernambuco e obteve seu diploma em 1986. Ele trabalhou como cenógrafo pra teatro, cinema e televisão no Brasil e paralelamente desenvolveu seu trabalho como escultor.

Mozart vive e trabalha como escultor em Paris desde 1992 e participou de várias exposições individuais e coletivas em salões de arte e galerias no Brasil, França, Canadá, Alemanha, Bélgica, Portugal, Espanha, Luxemburgo e Itália.

P.J Crook

Born in Cheltenham, where she still lives, PJ studied at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design which was eventually absorbed by the University where she was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate of Arts. She is represented by galleries in London, New York, Paris and Toronto, as well as here in the Cotswolds, and her work is in major public, corporate and private collections in many parts of the world, principally in Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, England and the United States of America. Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery; Imperial War Museum; Morohashi Museum of Modern Art; Standard Chartered Bank; Centrica; Paul Allen; the Marquess of Bath; Jackie Collins and Toyah Willcox are among those who have works in their collections.

From a studio opposite her house, she manages compositions on a monumental scale - paintings can measure 2 x 4.5 metres and also paints small pictures, some no larger than 10 cm square. She works in tinted gesso, acrylic and sometimes in oil on canvas, or on a corrugated wood support, which gives a three dimensional effect to her work, as does her practice of incorporating the frame within the composition. A recurring theme within her work is crowd interaction and some of these paintings have been used as covers for King Crimson’s recent albums.

PJ is a Patron of the National Star College, Cheltenham; a Trustee and Director of ACS (the Artists’ Collecting Society); President of the Friends of Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum; a Gloucestershire Ambassador; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; member of the Royal West of England Academy (and sometime member of its Council); Manchester Academy of Fine Art; Chelsea Arts Club and the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire.



Sally Aurisch

Sally Aurisch is Italian trained although she grew up in country Western Australia. She has painted for most of her life. After attending the 'Julian Ashton Art School' in Sydney she left Australia in the 90s to study the old masters' craft at its source in Florence, Italy.

There she trained with maestro Michael John Angel who leads the emerging interest in classic realist painting. Developed from art's golden age; the renaissance, it's adherents have included Leonardo, Caravaggio, Raphael, Leighton and Rembrandt.

Since returning to Australia, Sally Aurisch has successfully exhibited with the 'Masterpiece Gallery' in Hobart and the 'Charles Hewitt' in Sydney.

Her work celebrates nature. Her paintings are usually allegorical and she often camouflages signs and symbols within her compositions.

She returns to paint in Italy most years and is currently working on her next show.
"Sally Aurisch's beautiful work combines the techniques of a classical training with a vision that is both poetic and surreal. Her paintings are provocative, haunting".
Michael John Angel
Director, Angel Academy of Art, Florence, Italy

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