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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides


Irma Gelantia

"Georgian artist Irma Gelantia studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, graduating from the Faculty of Monumental-Decorative Painting in 2004. Her surrealist images draw on symbols of history, power and the unconscious. Her forms imply a sense of fluidity and freedom sometimes contrasting with the themes they represent, suggesting a dreamlike escape from a troublesome reality. Her traditional still life paintings exhibit her training and high level of skill that underpins the surrealist works and an understanding of the art historical remit for this form, to celebrate the material pleasures of her subjects. From this she departs to the ephemeral representations of her more stylized works."


Dan Green

Dan Green is a figurative artist who describes his style of work as contemporary realism. His art works incorporate portraits, close-up floral paintings and childhood memories, and much of his time is involved with commissioned portraits. He paints primarily with oil on canvas but also uses pastel, drawings and watercolour.

A large part of Dan's work is about our past, our childhood memories and how they relate to the present, making us the people we are. He is currently working on several different themes at the same time, and says that the principal theme is that which deals with the past - specifically his and the memories stirred in using and looking at old family snapshots - especially the less than perfect ones.

As well as creating art pieces based on the 'vast reservoir of imagery' that is the past, Dan is also interested in the 'famous' or 'infamous' who come to public notice in the news for things they have done and the uncontrolled images taken and filmed of them. He is currently working on a series about this called "Under Scrutiny."

Dan's paintings are generally built up using several photos combined to make the resulting painting appear itself a snapshot. Creating his art involves sketching, the taking of photos and using both old family photos and found images that deal with the same subject matter that interests him, including TV and film. Much of his preparatory work is also carried out on the computer, manipulating the images prior to painting on canvas.

Dan says that his greatest inspirations come from his past and the world around him. "When I am creating my work, I look at the overall design and impact of the image for something out of the ordinary with the potential for making a strong painting."

For the remainder of Dan's work, he always tends to work with a series in mind - as with the nudes or the flower paintings. "With flower paintings, I look for the abstract qualities in the image rather than what the flower actually is which is less important," he says.

Dan has a first class honours degree in Fine Art from the Kent Institute of Fine Art, Canterbury and also a BA in Art History from University College London. He has exhibited extensively in and around Kent and London, in both group and solo shows, and was the Runner-up in the "Not The Turner Prize" in 2004 as well as being shortlisted for the Celeste Art Prize this year.

Jill Pabich

Jill Pabich has worked extensively within a myriad of different two-dimensional genres: murals, illustration, portraiture, trompe l’oeile, photography. Now mid-career, she is focusing on children’s portraiture, as she defines it. These works conflate the disciplines she has previously developed into new and exciting images. Using color, design, and technical skill, Jill has a very strong ability to bring forth an entire vision, with each step carefully and thoroughly executed to express a united and powerful image.

Jill graduated from Tufts University in 1991 with a BFA and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 1991 from the diploma program. She is available for commissioned work.

Decorative painting work here

Amy Abattoir

Amy Abattoir lives and paints in Central Pennsylvania.

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Mark Bullen

A contemporary realist, Mark Bullen's paintings are imbued with mystery an light. Bullen's metaphorical work is at once classical and contemporary in concept. As a visual artist, I express myself in pictures, not in words. My paintings are a metaphor for the life I see and feel around me. Hopefully,my work speaks to viewers in ways I never imagined. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Mark Bullen keeps his studio in Philadelphia and has exhibited nationally in New York and San Francisco as well as locally at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Delaware Art Museum.


1979-1983 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1980-1982 Frudakis Sculpture Academy, Philadelphia, PA

1978-1979 University of Delaware, Newark, DE

1982 Private Studies with Nelson Shanks


The White House, Washington DC
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
White and Williams Attorneys at Law, Philadelphia
Bakers of Paris, San Francisco
Presbyterian Hospital, Philadelphia
Mobili D'Arte Tuscany, Italy
The Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia
Psychiatric Center, Philadelphia
Merion Cricket Club, Merion, PA
Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia
Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE
ING Direct, North American Headquarters, Wilmington, DE
ING Corporate Collection, Amsterdam, Netherlands
ING, St. Cloud, Minnesota


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