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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Dorothy Boyer

‘Art is a universal language, and speaks to all mankind.'

'It is thrilling to be able to communicate through painting with people as culturally varied as I have had the pleasure to meet.’

‘My work does not take an ideological or moral stance but rather seeks to describe the wonder created by the effect of sunlight falling on the fragile old buildings with their powdery wooden shutters in the Jeddah souq: or the glorious seductive quality of the sunlight on coconut palms, the drama of filtered light on fabulously interesting people and that never ending source of inspiration, ‘still life’
It is a visual response to the light and how it changes the simplest objects into fascinating forms that shimmer and seem to melt.
We all glorify the light, for without it there is no life and no joy, and that is what I paint. I want people to feel that uplifting joy.
This singular vision is what unites, inviting everyone to see and appreciate what we all have in common, a need to be uplifted
For me, painting is a passion making ordinary life more vivid
My aim is to follow in the tradition of great artists before me who have so eloquently portrayed life beyond their own shores, bringing people together to share what we have in common and embracing different cultures.
Although diverse in content, my work is a celebration of what I find beautiful, exotic, and interesting in my surroundings, either in Saudi Arabia or during my extensive travels.'

Dorothy has been painting murals and carrying out all aspects of decorative work for over 29 years, 20 of which have been in Saudi Arabia.
She has taught one day workshops in the art of trompe l’oeil painting at KLC Design College in London.
She conducts workshops in all aspects of ‘faux finishes’ at Darat al Binzagr in Saudi Arabia.
She also compiled the art curriculum for the Darat, in drawing and painting.
She trained first as a teacher at Strathclyde University (Jordanhill), in her home country of Scotland and then as an Interior Designer at The Inchbald School of Interior Design in London, winning the award of ‘Designs with the most client appeal’
She became a specialist painter  in the early 80’s and then later, when she opted to develop her own work rather than commissioned murals, she attended master classes run by Charles Reid the renowned American watercolour artist and Jenny Jowett the botanical artist (UK).
She has travelled extensively having spent many years in Argentina when first married. She now divides her time painting in Spain, the Middle East and the UK.
Her family are her greatest fans.

Strathclyde University:  Teaching and Education
The Inchbald School of Interior Design London :  Diploma  in Architectural Interior Design.
Short Courses:
Furniture decoration with Roger Newton
Plaster and organic finishes with Kevin McLeod
Fantasy gilding and antiquing The American Academy of Decorative Arts.
Trompe L'Oeil painting with Ian Cairnie    .
Masterclasses  with Charles Reid the wonderful American watercolourist

*Finalist and selected 'Outstanding Watercolour' by the Fine Art Views Jury Jan. 2012
*Finalist and selected 'Outstanding Watercolour' by the Fine Art Views Jury  Feb.2010
*Finalist and publsihed in The International Artist Magazine  August /Sept 2008 no 46 Favourite Subjects          
*Finalist in The International Artist Competition, September 2007 no 41 Flowers and Gardens
*'Designs with the most client appeal' at the Inchbald School

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