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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Andrew Batcheller

"Batcheller’s paintings walk a fine line between being cheesy and awe-inspiring, but for most people they should fall firmly on the side of the latter. His style of working is in the same vein as work that might be considered “New Age,” the type of art that might be made by people who heal themselves by laying crystals on their body or believe that real-life problems are caused by warring spirits out in the cosmos. And maybe Batcheller is into that stuff — and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that — but the typical tendency for an artist of the New Age belief is to make incredibly precise, surrealistic scenes of the world and the universe that come off feeling flat and sterile. Perhaps it is a symptom of viewing reality as an illusion that causes so much New Age art to feel this way, but it is not the case with Batcheller’s work. Though he may use a similar aesthetic quality and imagery, one is able to perceive a strong feeling of substance within the work."

"The meaning behind the symbols and landscapes in each painting is not immediately decipherable in any of them, but that isn’t important. Everything in Batcheller’s paintings is executed with such sure-handedness, and each piece of the composition fits with the rest of the image so well, that he creates the impression that there is a purpose for everything he paints, whether we understand it or not. Each canvas takes us to a different view of his fantasy realm, and nothing more is required to enjoy the paintings than to take in the swirling organic designs, the precisely crafted animals that inhabit this place, and the expansive colorful landscapes — and wish that they were actually real."


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Lynn c said...

Love your work. One does not casually walk by it. One stops and studies every inch of your paintings. Thanks for your work, Andy.


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