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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Billy Monsalve Duffo


Born in United States in 1965 from Colombian’s parents and raised in Bogotá, Colombia until he was 17 years old. Moved to Miami Florida where he resides and works. 

He developed his artistic ability at a very young age. 
Influenced by the greatest Colombian masters Fernando Botero and Heriberto Cogollo. From Botero he was inspired by the size of his paintings and from Herberto Cogollo his realism and the use of light on his work. 

Self-taught, the commercial success of his initial paintings afforded him the luxury of a later education at the school of Bellas Artes in Cartagena, Colombia. 

His inspiration comes from anywhere where he finds interesting objects or things most of us encounter in everyday life. His work is based usually of beautiful man-made items that could mean anything. He paints items as he sees them, making full emphasis in the light and shadows to create the perfect volume and tridimensionality. His work is much defined and he tries to get really close to photorealistic. 

His very distinct and individual style is earning him a growing reputation. 

His art signifies to him a challenge of wanting to do a better job on his newest project.

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