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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Carlos Oviedo

Carlos Oviedo, was born on 1970 in Puebla, México.From the time Oviedo was a child he has taken many art workshops. After that he studied Graphic Design at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla. Oviedo continued studying in the United States for six years making his own investigation and been closely with the work of the great masters of the contemporary Art. They motivated and encouraged him to pursue his talent and further developing of his technique reaching a very high level.

After 13 years of career, Oviedo’s work belongs to important collections in various countries such as: México, USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Greece, Dominican Republic etc. Oviedo’s work has been included in different International Auctions sharing space with the great masters of contemporary Art. Oviedo’s Technique, unlikely so many others artist, demonstrates excellent skills he has acquired seeking perfection in realism. 

It takes many hours, years and big effort to get the level of the quality found on his work. This comes alongside him studying, making investigation to achieve this very perfection, pursuing moods and atmospheres that he is comfortable and in love with. 

“The search for beauty and perfection on his soul it will take him to the path that will never ends…”

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