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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Pam Hawkes

Storytelling, myths and religious iconography show us the possibilities of change, alchemical transmutations from the mundane life we lead. Through traditional imagery, text materials and painting methodology my work invite a questioning of the ideal. Paintings that hint at the seduction of beauty, jewels and brocades cocoons then binds us into a misplaced serenity.

Pam Hawkes 2012

Pam is particularly interested in the notion of the picture frame and how the frame can interact with the image and has become an integral part of the work….She constantly plays with ambiguity, text may or may not refer to the image,and the subjects themselves are fairly androgynous, opening up a whole range of sexual interpretation and mixed meaning. The sitters are stylised and although they may be family and friends, this is not portraiture as you and I know it.
They are knowingly idealised, in a way that plays with a notion that there is no ideal family unit. Indeed, like her characters within the frame we too are trapped within a world that is not exactly of our own choosing. They are bound in a realm of domesticity. The fabric and the folds, the wallpaper effect and the use of household implements such as cloth and sponges in technique, all point to an artist who is fully aware that the home is not necessarily where the heart is.

Benjamin Austin. 2007


1996-1998 University of Central England
MA Fine Art
Coventry University/Solihull College
BA Fine Art. First Class

2009 Workshop for gifted children. Our Lady and St Chad School. Wolverhampton.
2006 Workshop for gifted children. Smiths wood School Solihull.
2002 – 2008 Part-time lecturer and visiting artist Solihull College.
2004 Part-time lecturer, life drawing, Wolverhampton University

1998 Visiting lecturer, life drawing UCE
Part-time lecturer, fine art, Wolverhampton

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