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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Karin Jaroszynska

Karin Jaroszynska was born in 1934 in Helsinki, Finland into both a musical and artistic family.

Jaroszynska was accepted by the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, and it was here that she pursued her Fine Art studies between the years 1951 and 1956 where she met fellow student Tadeusz Jaroszynski, whom she married in 1954. The Jaroszynskas settled in South Africa in 1957.

Jaroszynska´s first solo exhibitions were held in 1965 in Johannesburg and Helsinki. The early works were mainly studies in ink and wash. She later worked in tempera and mixed media.

By 1973, her distinctive personal style had become evident and this was to crystallize over the next few years. Karin and Tadeusz returned to Finland in 1974 for four months of intensive work on a joint portfolio which consisted mainly of etchings. On their return to South Africa this portfolio was published as ´The Helsinki Series´, in which husband and wife showed a temporary similarity of surrealistic imagery and styles. Another joint portfolio followed in 1976, ´The Johannesburg Series´, and the graphics attracted attention in Europe as well as in South Africa. Karin then began a series of large scale compositions with a predominantly figurative subject matter characterized by distinctive draughtsmanship.

In 1977 the Jaroszynskas lived in Sweden. A visit to France in 1978 resulted in an association with the Romanet Gallery, Paris that motivated her to move to France, where the family settled in an 11th century monastery on an estate in the Loire Valley. Karin´s first Paris solo exhibition, in 1980, was an instant success. The Jaroszynski´s returned to South Africa in 1984.

The paintings of Karin Jaroszynska reveal an unusual insight into, and compassion for humanity. They portray a private world of alternative people. Her imaginative figurations are portrayed with outstanding drawing ability and technical mastery. Her skill as a colourist is extraordinary.

Most recently (1990/1991) Karin, and her husband Tadeusz, travelled to the East where they visited Hong Kong, Canton, the Philippines and Australia.

The Jaroszynski´s now live in Paris, France.

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