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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Mohamed Elmoslemany

Professor, Department of decorative designs Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University

- Born 1973 - Village Deby - Rashid Center - Bachelor.
- maintain the lake of Arts in art education in 1997 - the first installment - with a very good grade with honors.
- Holds a master's degree in arts education allocated design - the title (The Variety in Design formulations For Specific element in selection of Contemporary Egyptian art as an Approach For enriching the Ornamental Panel).
- Assistant Prof. Department of decorative designs the College of Education Professional - Helwan University.
- Member of Artists Association.
- Member of the Association of Professional Education graduates.
- Member of the professors of painting and the works.

- Aljbachnge Award for the first installment.
- Award of artists and written media and Giza school of excellence.
- Award a fourth color photography of water (full competition Ghandour).
- 2 certificate of appreciation from the World Gold to reach the final qualifying competition in the free creativity of Tsmyat gold (jewelry).
- Winners in the initial sculpture (competition Kamal Obeid carving 2003)

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