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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Anita Collins aka Sleetwealth

Surreal painter/sculptor inspired by old master methods,deep significance with nature,natural media and ear tuned for spirit.

"Some call this creepy but, I think it's beauty - the decay of the 'house of flesh'. Like overripe fruit, frees a radiant self. I'm not a morbid artist for the sake of disturbing or shocking but, I have a subtle message to transmit that can only be expressed in this way. Through wise and powerful child saints, seers, warrior and urchin that represent the child in all of us.

My figures are a glimmer of light in gloomy places. Wandering souls with personal stories of intricate ritual, acute awareness, estrangment, decay and wild beauty in a land not much like our own. They are golem's born out of ash, wax, blood and mud and from primal places in my psyche."


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