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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Fred Harper

I live in New York City. I paint illustrations and gallery paintings with brush and paint. I do use the computer to scan and correct colors but "computer" is definitely not my first language!

Some of my many art jobs have been: Janitor, canvas prep for murals, murals painted in acrylics to oils, reproducing master works to fit interiors, faux finishes, trompe l'oeil, COMIC BOOKS, editorial illustrator, and finally back to painting for galleries.

I've acquired a few new interests along my art journey. I'm exploring video thanks to comic books. I like being able to convey a story or idea through a progression of images either in comic book form or video, and even through my gallery work. I can't get away from the format of a gallery where it is a room with 8 to 10 images displayed in some order. A visitor will walk either left to right or right to left accumulating an inventory of images in their mind as they advance. I try to be aware of this as I create a painting. For example, I will try to use a background of one painting and place it in another painting with a different foreground element. I will also try and use a reverse angle or slightly different view of the back ground to further enhance the cumulative effect of multiple paintings. I hope to have a new world fleshed out over time that is real and believable and interesting enough to look at over and over.

Fred Harper

Fred Harper's life goal at the age of 14 was to be a caricature artist in a carnival or amusement park. Fred achieved this lofty goal by age 19 as a summer job at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH. Time to make new goals! Fred graduated with a BFA in painting at Columbus College of Art and Design and painted hundreds of murals for "The Limited Express" until he got his pencil in the door at Marvel comics. He painted posters, pin-ups, and covers as well as drew interiors for titles such as "Conan", "Spiderman", and "Doctor Strange".

Fred's shown his work at CBGB's 313, The Museum of American Illustration, and Banning and Low galleries in Washington D.C. (two solo shows!). Fred's work is in the private collections of the rich and powerful... not that he could call in any "favors"... but his illustrations have appeared in such great publications as "Time", "The Wall Street Journal","The New York Times", "Playboy", "The Village Voice", "Sports Illustrated", and just about every issue of "The Week" magazine.

Fred makes appearances at high schools and colleges. Some of these have been at Collegiate in NYC, McDowell High School, Brooklyn School of Technology, The Pratt Institute, and Syracuse University. The National Caricaturist Network gave him the "Best Color Award" and has invited him to guest teach a color seminar at their annual convention. Recently, he painted the key art for the 10th anniversary of this year's Ozzfest'05. When you see that kid in the black concert T-shirt with the Ozzy demon sitting on the crapper, think of Fred... Boy, that didn't sound good did it!?

Fred currently resides in New York City with his cat named Buzzard.

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