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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Joshua Miels

Painting Work.

Joshua Miels is a contemporary portrait artist who looks to capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hind from others. Spending countless hours adding layer upon layer of paint Joshua produces artworks that are not only striking but deep and powerful. Painted with predominantly oil paint, each piece start off with a subject, but with a large amount of experimentation, each art piece has its own journey on how its get from start to finish. The Artworks challenges viewers to draw upon there own emotions and personal experiences. How each piece is interpreted differs from person to person, there is no right or wrong way to interprets these artworks.

Illustration Work.

Joshua is a contemporary artist using tradition illustrations with modern techniques, Josh is always looking to push the envelope on what is art, and how it’s produced. With the use of his handy felt tip pen, hundreds of hand painted layers and the advancements of the digital age, Josh is able to achieve original artworks that have a genuine contemporary street feel. Focusing predominately on portraits, Josh looks to capture the personality of his subjects with stunning results.

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