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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nigel Hewitt

Born: 1952, Ulverstone Tasmania

Nigel Hewitt is a Visual Artist based in Perth, Western Australia. His images are most frequently mixed media on canvas, with subjects ranging from contemporary environmental and political issues to the personal and ambiguous notions of discovery and existence.

For Nigel Hewitt the image itself always has primacy and all commentary about it, even his own, is of minimal interest. However, thematically it can be said that he has an ongoing interest in the interrelationship between historical, political, cultural and environmental conditions. To raise questions about real space and ‘mind’ space he uses layer upon layer of pencil, acrylic washes, gauze or wax to create a seductive surface which draws the viewer into impossible worlds. The layers are not an act of covering up but rather an act of revealing; through them the reality disappears and subjectivity is revealed. The placement of familiar objects in these worlds combined with the use of layering serves to make reference to what has gone before, what is now and what is to follow.

Nigel Hewitt’s artistic career has developed strongly and consistently since his graduation from the Claremont School of Art in 1977. Exploring and shaping the world of his imagination through his chosen mediums of wax and pencil, he has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows around the state and across Australia. Nigel has been awarded several residencies, has over a decade of teaching experience, has been published widely, has been chosen for numerous private and corporate commissions and has received many local and national art awards throughout his career. Nigel’s work are widely collected and he is represented in the collections of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Artbank, SGIO, BankWest, Wesfarmers, Holmes a Court, The Stein Collection, among many others.

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