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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Albert Ramos (Albert Ramos Cortés)

Albert Ramos (Albert Ramos Cortes, as his passport shows) was born in Barcelona, Spain. While in his motherland he spent his youth trying to figure out what his purpose in life was. Knowing that drawing and painting was what he did best he explored the possibilities in the art field as a graffiti writer, graphic designer, muralist and illustrator.
In 1998 he began his career as a professional artist, working with a variety of diverse clients. Still he felt there was something missing, which later he realized was an art education.
In 2004 he decided that if art was his life, he would need to devote his entire livelihood into it. Therefore he journeyed across the globe to San Francisco in order to pursue a BFA in illustration at the Academy of Art University.
While in school, he continued working as a freelance artist and also received fine art commissions.
Albert graduated Cum Laude in 2009 and decided that he wanted to develop his fine art skills further, he enrolled in the MFA program in figurative painting in his alma mater.
Albert believes that one has to give back what one has received, he is currently part-time instructor at the AAU, while he engrosses his body of work and polishes his skills through commissions that he receives from his old and new motherland, Europe and America.


2009 - BFA in Illustration (Cum Laude), Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.
Currently enrolled in the MFA program in figurative painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.


2011 - Faculty's Choice Award. Academy of Art University's Spring Show 2011, San Francisco, CA.
2011 - Winner of the Winsor & Newton Start Your Studio Scholarship 2011.
2009 - Students' Choice Award. Academy of Art University's Spring Show 2009, San Francisco, CA.
2009 - Faculty's Choice Award. Academy of Art University's Spring Show 2009, San Francisco, CA.
2008 - Finalist at the Society of Illustrators Student's Show. New York, NY. (Juried Show)

Albert Ramos nació en Barcelona, España. Durante su juventud, sabiendo que el dibujo y la pintura eran sus grandes pasiones, exploró las posibilidades en el campo artístico como escritor de graffiti, diseñador gráfico, muralista e ilustrador. En 1998 inició su carrera profesional, trabajando con clientes de diversas disciplinas, aunque todavía sentía que algo faltaba. Ese "algo" era una educación artística.

En el 2004 decidió que, ya que el arte había de ser su vida, tendría que dedicarla por completo a ello. Así se aventuró hasta San Francisco para estudiar una licenciatura en ilustración en la Academy of Art University. Durante sus días de universitario continuó trabajando como ilustrador y diseñador freelance, así como realizando algunos óleos por encargo.

Albert se graduo Cum Laude en el 2009 y decidió seguir puliendo sus habilidades como pintor, enrolándose así en el Master en pintura figurativa que ofrecía su alma mater. Albert cree firmemente en que uno debe devolver lo que ha recibido, y así lo hace, enseñando a nuevos artistas en la Academy of Art University.


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