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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jeremy Beswick

My Name is Jeremy Beswick B.A.HONS I am a dedicated artist with a passion for illustration, design, and technology as well as traditional forms of art. I have the ability to work to a wide range of briefs and with a wide range of mediums.
My skills include working with hand made metal, other 3d craft, Comic illustration, Book illustration, Photography art, Portraits, Concept art, tattoo design, photographic editing and Graphics.
I have been privileged to have my work showcased both locally and nationally in a wide range of publications and galleries, alongside undertaking custom one off projects for individuals and corporate bodies, as well as design projects, solo shows and working in a range of capacities as an artist like, doing local live art events, being the organizer of exhibitions and running art collectives on line.

My main love is for illustration and I have for the last 20 years or so been pushing my art and me to produced work to the highest Quality in all of the mediums I use. The art I produce is a combination of line, layers of shade, shape, pattern and form. It is an obsession to attention to detail and this has become a hallmark of my work, as is a desire to create clean crisp design and production of product.

The focus of my work at this time is in the use of digital media to re-imagine traditional forms of art, graphics, and illustration with all the added benefits of a virtual palate of color’s and effects as my tool kit. This is art made by the use of light which is exactly what the Art masters of ages past wanted to capture, the use of light to create a work of art. The love of digital has led me to work with some of the best models and photographers from around the world.
As well as the start of the Photo Editing and training service I offer.

My skills in art are now moving towards producing work for concept art and I hope the film industry as well as in the high quality digital art and portraiture realms.
My inspiration is found in concept art, books, comics, fantasy, myth, legend, and dreams and of course those little experiences that feed the magic in my own life.

The traditional pencil work I produce are all one off works most of which have been large images at a size of 4 ft by 5 ft. They are a combination of years of work to produce a high level quality art folio as well as private commissions and exhibition work. They are an exploration into fantasy art and I also wanted to get back to the use of a traditional style and I decided to use pencil as it was the first medium I used as a child. This has then flourished into a love for illustration I produce with just this 0.5m pencil I use to work with. Again it is a combination of pattern and detail as well as layers of shade and depth that fuel my work in pencil along with the world of magic.

The work I am available to produce is vast and I am fully able to take on work or projects that you may have for me in any of the range of skills I have.

Thank you for looking in at my Art I hope it inspires you and you find it to be a trip into the worlds of magic and art. If you would like to publish my work please feel free to contact me. for any info use contact info in contacts.

Jeremy is now the director of a multi media event set to go global.

Thanks for taking time to look at my work.
Jeremy beswick B.A.H.


G C said...

Wonderful illustrations.

artodyssey said...

Thanks GC I'm glad you like it :)


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